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3. The sudden chill. The darkness of the night. The screaming winds, the creaking doors. “There are no ghosts,” they said. But as this nightmare-ish night progresses our group becomes more open-minded about the spirit world. But will this ghastly night pave the way for a pleasant surprise? Watch episode 3 of #TheHoliday to find out!

Created by:
Lakshya Raj Anand

Aashim Gulati as Armaan
Adah Sharma as Mehak
Natasa Stankovic as Sara
Priyank Sharma as Patrick
Veer Rajwant Singh as Kabir


The Zoom Studios says:

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Episode 4 of The Holiday releases on 3rd August. Stay tuned!

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Entertainment Factory says:

Jitna ache baki episode the utna hi bekar yee

Akanksha Bandekar says:

Hey priyank y so cute ya❤❤❤❤

Hoorain Nooreh says:

Too much comedy♡♡make more vedios

StayHappyForever says:

I am totally loving these episodes…💕

Deep Vala says:

Patrick : girls whts time is it?
Girls : patrick timeee..😍😅

Karishan Ahmad says:

It maid my day

Shubham Kumar says:

Bhaag madharchod

Anand Keer says:


raja hindustani says:

Kya yaaron baingan ki inki.


it was very nice
I loved it and it was enjoyable


Tharki productions says:

Ky bahyaad show h bht hi bakwas aur bc yesbki acting nhi overacting lg rhi aur khaskar ye jo ladki h bc full chutiye jese lag rahi aur acting bhi randiyo jesi kr rhi ise bc ko pornstar banao achhi body h log pasand bhi krege mu band rakhe badhiya h sali bakwas acting randi

Subharaj Chakraborty says:

When episode 4 is coming

Priya Rai says:

Priyank u rock man..

Akash kumar says:

I like friends but I have no friends

India Won't Quit Movement by Sharath Nair says:

Dude it's so lame . The punch lines sucks , wanna be cool kinda character . No one is able to act the characters right . Cool guy isn't apparently cool or funny .

diya israni says:

Talking Tokyo looking London gosh we used the same adjectives! Now if you know then you know!

Sicario Limon says:

Didn't expect a great performance from priyank.

Talk Worthy says:

@ 1am i was watching this (my room light off) mera dost aata h aur mera blanket khichta hai aur ear phone se adah ki chillane ki awaz aati hai & meri fatt jati hai

Amit Kumbhar says:

awesome story guys….its better version of ZNMD.. keep it you all.

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