The Hidden Truth Behind Star Wars [Documentary]

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It may not be the only reason why the original Star Wars trilogy was a hit with adults and kids, but the straightforward story didn’t hurt. No need to get bogged down in politics or star systems, just know to root for the young rebels taking down the evil, planet-exploding Empire. As an added bonus, the movie’s hero managed to turn his father back to the light, taking down the villain together. Or did they? It’s a question that the new trilogy will probably answer, if The Force Awakens is anything to go by and YES, there will be SPOILERS. But to understand the real meaning of Star Wars, the studying the full saga is key – and if you catch the hidden story at its core, you might even guess what’s coming in the next chapter of the Star Wars universe. Keep in mind this is our theory and you will see that the proof we bring forward might make you see Star Wars in a whole different way… That’s the plan for our latest Docu Series, The Hidden Truth Behind Star Wars.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce
Voice Over by: Ben Kendrick @benkendrick

Starting At The Middle | 1:07
The Real Story Of Anakin Skywalker | 2:02
Yin and Yang… and The Force | 3:58
The Force Awakens | 5:58
The Force’s True Purpose | 6:35

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Pokemon Pokemon says:

the high ground is the anwer

Lonely Child says:

99.9% of comments have star wars in it

Brett Veltkamp says:

in number 3. when anikin is fighting obiwan on the hover plat forms. anikin almost falls of!

Brandon Taylor says:

Star Wars the force awakens is terrible?

Lesly Dizon says:

The force created Anakin Boy an Accident OF Darth Plagueis

Uncle deathwish Game stuff and ASMR says:

Hans dead I’m guessing

Jonathan Hlakos says:

No matter if that theory is right or not, GOOD and EVIL can NEVER coexist, let alone they cannot coexist WITHIN a single person! Sooner or later, lines will be drawn, sides will be chosen. Those 3 "chosen" to (supposedly) bring "balance to the force" (Anakin/Vader, Luke, now Rey) finally chose a side to fight for… I doubt they cared for any kind of "ballance" when Vader was Empire's second in command, leading the darkest warlike force the Galaxy had ever met, not to mention Luke was ready to sacrifice himself just to save the world without harming his own father… Its called GOOD vs EVIL, ladies and gentlemen, without any grey zones between… And I think THAT'S the real spirit and message of the entire S.W. saga! But then again… just my point of view 😉 (Please excuse my bad English, just focus on the subject)

Dave W says:

I'll miss George Lucas as Director and leadership.?

Fiona P says:

Yin and Yang is about complementary opposites. But it's usually not merely about light and dark but about Male and Female. You see if you know anything about biology, every man has some female hormones within him and every female has some male hormones in her. And The Yin and Yang symbol reflects that biological fact☮️

CrayBar 277 says:

i like the prequels

JoNatHan K says:

So she can not be a Skywalker?

Crocadilly says:

The emperor laughing looks like a gerbil

Jamel Jarvis says:

You got a bunch of dislikes because there is no actuality to this. You titled it won't. We're looking for TRUTH behind it not theories about it. Get it? Like based on possible HISTORY? Like ancient aliens.

InaZeaAnaZazi says:

am I the only one who's a bit distracted by the Whovian music?^^

Holly Shields says:

geonosis is a desert planet

slittlef3578 says:

Are you Yoda

Frank He says:

YinYang is like truth and ideals: not good or bad, just different.

michael carrarini says:

They need a better speaker

Alex Knight says:

I feel u. I know teal feel for us together.

Anabando says:

4:31 That's kinda racist "where one maybe dark and old the other was white and useful"

Fearghus Keitz says:

In addition to your video's point, there were even force users who were able to use both the dark and light side of the force at will, and were meant to be in between light and dark. Made windu is kind of like that, but he specifically chose the light side, revamp from motor is the best example of a special force user who is in between light and dark, and he even brings balance to the force in his era

m0rph90 says:

There are "Jedis" in the expanded universe who use both sides of the force and aren't good nor evil


Think about it this is y Luke says it's time for the Jedi to end he wants to end all conflict

Space Tocas47 says:

I think the fist order will win the STAR WAR (no s added) because luke said in 8 trailer the Jedi will end meaning he will create the new jedi in canon Vader even said to tractor that the Jedi were always grey

Angela Davidson says:

Rey Skywalker. It has to happen.

La Paz says:

so there is already balance?

Bat Levi says:

This makes totally sens.I use to think this was so hard to think of and not understanding him but now since im older i completly understand toatly understand people.And i alreay feel really grown up!

Panupat Chongstitwattana says:

George Lucas isn't that smart.

And Anakin was never on good terms with the light side… He was clearly prime candidate for the Dark side through and through with his arrogance and impatient personality.

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