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Check out The Harder They Fall Official Trailer starring Idris Elba! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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US Release Date: November 3, 2021
Starring: Zazie Beetz, Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors
Directed By: Jeymes Samuel
Synopsis: When an outlaw discovers his enemy is being released from prison, he reunites his gang to seek revenge in this Western.

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Nathan Hogan says:

Well the new wild wild west looks as crap as the last one

flippy dippy says:

Idris Elba, Lakeith Stanfield, Jonathan Majors and Regina King… in a western! This is gonna be one helluva movie

chiaki6030 says:

smells like black supremacy with a hint of reparations and genocide

DYT001 says:

Wait a minute. Was that kang.

Average Dude says:

As another comment mentioned ppl are too clean with beautiful skin and good teeth for that period of time

Benjamin Bowman says:

Jonathan Majors, in addition to the films he’s already done, is someone I know who is going to continuously top himself in everything he does. I can’t wait to see him win a leading actor Oscar.

TheHowlettJames says:

netflix really pushing that alt reality fantasy/fiction genre lately

Beth Walker says:

I know all of the critics of this film r the first ones n line when a new iphone comes out, and that makes perfect sense to them.

Beth Walker says:

Is this really how it goes on this platform, ppl posting what they're NOT going to do? Don't watch, you'll still sleep well, which makes me wonder, do the same critics post pics of their dinner? I've never understood that one either.

Invox says:

Historically accurate this is not.
Fun will definitelly be.

Vlad Cirus says:

So, are we supposed to root for people who murder soldiers doing their job?

Chris Moore says:

I prefer native indian guys that more make sense than pushing black in the scenario, to white washing old west

Aaron Taylor says:

This might be good…in a world without Tarantino or Kung Fu Hustle. Let’s steal from white people while being obsessed with how and white people are…Candyman.

Jakub Jodlowski says:

sickkkkk! 💪💪

Tahn says:

This story isnt truthful. No point and very stupid . Black cowboys hunting down whites . It's very violent and not good for the eye and soul to watch pass

FilmGamer says:

From Producer Shawn Carter? Looks cheap. I'm out.

Haroon P says:

Weren't black people slaves during this time period?

Bronze Prince says:

I love it,the cloths should have been more worn out tho…I mean everyone back then was Freaking dirty and dusty cloths. Definitely watching

gary stiltner says:

This movie is trash

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