The Greatest Showman – REVIEW

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Roth Cornet and Dan Murrell review the Hugh Jackman vehicle – The Greatest Showman!

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Nick Molnar says:

Birdman had a critic

Kyle Ohlwiler says:

I enjoy watching your movie reviews, but I think you missed the mark on this one.

Mariah Simons says:

I find it funny that a majority of the comments are how great the movie was, the positive impact it had on them, or how memorable and enjoyable the songs are. I usually like what Dan has to say, I thought he was spot on a lot in movie fights and other reviews for movies like Jurassic world but in this review it just sounds like he's opposing it because that's what he does for a lot of other movies. Again to each their own, but Dan I could not disagree with you more. I have the whole soundtrack downloaded on my spotify, my boyfriend who hates musicals loves the movie and the songs, he loves to sing rewrite the stars to me, I thought it was am overall fantastic movie. The only thing I can agree with you on is the story and the plot, sure it's not the most enticing of a concept but the music is what really saves it.

Overall, I don't agree with this opinion, I think Greatest Showman has a lot to offer and maybe you should give it another shot

Michael Kearns says:

Couldn’t disagree more with almost everything you said. Liked the movie and the music.

TheBrookePage YT says:

I mean I enjoyed it, it was a feel good movie, so I felt good. I took my mom and grandma to see it, and they loved it! Sadly, it has a lot of flaws. I wish it didn’t, I wish it was perfect, but it’s not. There were a lot of weird plot holes, undeveloped characters etc. That’s what all the critics are talking about, how it was kinda bad. To all the people who loved the movie, good on you! That was the point. It’s a feel good movie, it’s supposed to make you feel good. There isn’t really a stable plot, but non-critics loved it anyway. I feel like that’s what Hugh Jackman set out to do, so goal accomplished!

Dani says:

Watching this in Feb 2018 you guys got this one so wrong. 
It did better than most musicals so far and the soundtrack even went to the top of the Billboard charts.

Rico Vergara says:

what the?! no emotional payoff? I was in tears almost the entire time! It made me forget about my life the entire time i was experiencing the movie.

Rico Vergara says:

I fell inlove with the movie. I really don't get these critics. I didn't feel like I was watching a movie but experiencing an amazing journey. And they did such a great job making you feel like one of the audience in the movie. U know, the ones watching the circus and singing along. PS, i was literally in tears 80% of the time

troubleboy216 says:

This movie was great ! !

Jaquees L says:

Coming from someone that went to college for music, the soundtrack in this movie was amazing !

Sean Patrick Perfecto says:

That "Never Enough" song was certainly memorable. Yes they all had a very modern pop radio sound to it but still pretty good.

ovlivion81 says:

It’s ironic you make the critic comparison and proceed to do just that, you should preface the fact the music just doesn’t appeal to you, but I will bet you were still tapping your foot to the song in the movies

John Linton says:

I get that each to there own. But they just come across as snobs hating on the film all because of the critic character in the movie

wilgefortis z says:

This is the one time I will disagree with Screenjunkies. I believe it was a good movie.

Itschlobro says:

The greatest showman is just like The circus. It’s a fantastic show though it looks more put together and awesome than it actually is and it’s sort of a fake but it’s a good distraction and it’s unapologetically optimistic

jose tecson says:


btez31 says:

The movie didn't do anything for me either. I had people telling me, you have to see it, you have to see it. Does nothing. I could tell the director was a first timer.

yuki adam Kinjiyo says:

the songs are perfect you dude may probably have a different taste. good enough for ur own opinion..

bing bong trump dumb says:

In my opinion, The Greatest Showman is the greatest movie of all time.
Don't hate me for my opinion.
I tell you, if you watched it twice, it never gets boring, (for me).

Benjamin Dunne says:

What made The Greatest Showman one of my favourite ever films was the clear love everyone had for making the film and how that translated into their performances. You can tell that everyone really enjoyed making this film and it's so sincere. They do gloss over P.T Barnham's life with bare bones but they do weave his conman nature into several different parts of the movie. The song The Other Side is literally him manipulating Zac Efron into doing what he wants by getting him drunk. His attitude to the cast of his circus subtly changes until he stops them from meeting Jenny Lind because they're a means to an end for the guy. Which is then proven by leaving them to tour with Lind. Whose heart he breaks and still expects to finish the show for him. And the musical aspects are somewhat subjective: I cannot stop listening to the soundtrack! Only Tightrope and Never Enough reprise are weak links for me. I can appreciate your criticisms and they're mostly fair enough but the only thing that would've improved the film for me would be more backstory and development of the circus cast.

Zachary Licht says:

I'm dissappointed in this review. I feel that this review was designed to validate the critics instead of actually reviewing the movie. Didn't hear a single original thought between the two of them, just different forms of garbled up opinions you could find on any review.

pinkeeluvr says:

I disagree with their review of this movie. The movie was incredible, the music is spectacular. I don't feel it's a vanity piece of PT Barnum and I felt the music added beautifully to the storyline. Whether or not a lot of it was fabricated, it was a movie that will not be forgotten.

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