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THE GREATEST SHOWMAN MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review – Today we are going beyond the trailer and right into the review as we discuss The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman! Most people might still be hyped over the Star Wars The Last Jedi review that we posted, but now see us go down in full depth of a movie that may not be as popular or as huge of a universe as the Star Wars franchise. On top of this discussion, we also discuss the realities that this film is based on in this funny video!

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The Movie Review Extravaganza – 12-19-17

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Sinister Sweet says:

Wow. So many people here are mad that Korey doesn't like a romanticized PT Barnum. Calm down, people. Even if he wasn't the greatest (hah) person, PT was interesting largely BECAUSE of his flaws. You don't have to show that dimension, but it would be kind of cool if the filmmakers did.

Better yet, why not have an original character with a name and back story obviously inspired by PT Barnum so you can indulge in fantasy without this criticism?

Jeffrey Bottrell says:

Saw this last night and damn – Korey and Martin nailed this review. You guys are like good scotch – just get better with age.

HotPocketsBoy says:

Well it's not a biopic of p.t. They always said it was inspired by him

Pork Jamin says:

The movie is inspired by PT Barnum and is supposed to be about diversity and accepting everyone for who they are. It's not a documentary based on his real life and what he did or how awful he was. Every trailer says INSPIRED, not once have I seen anyone say it's based on his entire life.

Hangar Fry says:

Honestly Korey's main criticism seems to be how it's not the movie he wanted, as seems to be the main complaint of critics. But It was pretty obvious this was gonna be romanticized and was not gonna really have a foot in reality when it came to PT Barnum. This is no where near the The Blind Side.

Jillian Brunelli says:

this reminds me of The Prestige

Jillian Brunelli says:

that is one way to get Jeff Sessions to stfu about the "evils of drugs." tell that slippery lil mongoose pot turns people white, lol

Vits Vicente Torres says:

20:00 They showed a quote by Barnum.

bigvirgotube says:

With that, imagine: Dave Chappelle's "Greatest Show On Earth" movie. Not a musical, but I can only imagine the madness that such a spectacle would produce.

sportsmed77 says:

No, it didn't talk about PT Barnum at the end. It merely quoted him: "The noblest art is making people happy" or something like that.

codafett says:

So the biggest complaint against this film is that it's historically inaccurate. Meanwhile movies have been doing that for years to great Praise.

rifyrafi says:

This is Full Price guys.

LeBlanc &more says:

This was way better than LaLa Land for me. I didn’t care for the movie, but the music was decent. This movies music made since and I love it! I didn’t really feel invested in the story, but it was enjoyable.

Jesse Quach says:

The movie for me ranged from "okay to pretty good" while the soundtrack is "really good".

Tipchutha Wetchakhongkitikorn says:

“This motherfucker is Loki!” ??? omg Korey

Allen George says:

How is this channel so small still? I can’t believe you guys aren’t over 100k yet! You deserve it!

Kat Stav says:

Everything is beautiful with Hugh Jackman <3

Luke M says:

These critics are so stupid. It's not supposed to be a documentary about
the real PT Barnum. It's supposed to be like The Sound of Music. Fake
but fun and classic. And it delivers. I haven't seen a more spectacular
musical in a long time. We finally get some new, original and catchy

BTW, I think a lot of these hateful critics want to outright trash any
movie feature an inspiring white male figure. Look at the new hate
speech terms for white people. Whitewashing. White savior. WTF? It's bad
to save lives if you're a white man?? It's bad to pick the best
possible actor, regardless of their race? Explain the decision to make
the lead in The Dark Tower a black man. No one complained.

And I wonder if these reviews would be any different if this was released by Disney.

Imabubble yay says:

where is girts?

Lakia Davis says:

this is a thing that bothers me, but i have to say it… IT'S ZEN-DAY-A, not ZEN-DYE-A

Angelisa Hassan says:

I don't have anything against the movie. With that being said instead of using PT Barnums name they should made the circus guy into a fictional story named something else that was loosely based on Barnums story and other circus people. I like the idea of the story and I'm not offended by that to say the least. And I liked that they used pop music in a musical. I just naming things that could have been better.

DJ Jake V says:

Had a great time watching this movie came out dancing unlike when I saw La La Land to me was so boring and Emma Stone and Ryan gosling couldn't sing.

Unboxing Deutschland says:

Tolles Video gefällt uns, echt top ? Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? würden uns freuen. Like hast du aufjedenfall ?

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