The Ghostbusters Movie Review (Podcast Clip)

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The Ghostbusters Move Review (Podcast Clip)
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PauLtus B says:

Were you even disappointed by Edgar Wright movies?

PFT Burchell says:

Worst movie, so far this year.

redhandsbluefaces says:

Yet another reason why RT is not fact.

Koatam says:

"Women can make Adam Sandler films too."

Goh Hong Kiat says:

i laugh my ass off through the whole show, it was good 🙂

BJA Anderson says:

I actually had my hands over my mouth in shock during that big battle scene. Why were ghosts getting merced Gears of War style in a Ghostbusters film?

Groverkiin Muppetborn says:

Could you please do "24 Reasons X-Men: Apocalypse and Avengers: Age of Ultron Are The Same Movie"?
It might be tough…

China Is says:

Didn't see the old ghost busters but I really did like this new movie also (are you really debating the science of ghost what's next the science of vampires) this new movie was a lot of fun and shouldn't be getting all this downing, I don't know what theater you went to but the crowd was hype for this movie.

PunxsutawneyDave says:

I applaud Couch for having the guts to say "not a great film" with no equivocation because that's all I've been hearing in other reviews. Tip-toeing around if it's good or not. But my wonder is…if you knew nothing about Ghostbusters, never saw either of the original films, would this be YOUR Ghostbusters the way the original is to the people of its time? Would you look be inclined to be super protective of this movie when it eventually gets remade?

RantingRamsay says:

Slap-stick in Bridesmaids2?… I mean Ghostbusters 2016? I'm shocked and abhorred…
This film is crap by all standards.

Joe Hipperson says:

the lack of a Venkman is to 2016 Ghostbusters what the lack of a Han Solo was to the prequels.

Kithro Games says:

I like the 2016 goats busters more than the origanol

Drragnorr says:

more nad more scores from "critics" shows, that they are only puppets

Simple Sonata says:

I definitely got pissed that they spent 2 minutes at a time on technobabble. Also, there was not one mention of crossing streams.

Jossa81 says:

Bridesmaids with Proton Packs.

Xuncu says:

Yeah, I had no confidence that this movie would be any good, and would only watch it if pirated, HBO, or someone else paid my ticket. Reboot for the sake of reboot, like the shitty Spiderman and Fantastic 4 movies, CGI dependence like the Star Wars prequels— AND, like the prequel trilogy, and Mighty Number 9: the involvement of the original people doesn't guarantee a good production, and like Mighty Number 9, the SJW attempt to co-opt it was a failure in and of itself (as they are), but also damaged the reputation of all those involved (if it was my money that had been making this movie, I would want them either rejected, or have my money back, as many MN9 patreon payers attempted to).

Xuncu says:

5:00 – So: Midicholorians?

Major Nerd Alert Gaming says:

( spoiler )


High Heel Knight says:

"Luke Warm" LOL

I laughed several times. I will agree that there is too much joking around in the movie, but I did laugh several times.
Also, the first Ghostbusters movie WAS NOT "FOR KIDS!!!" I am so sick of people saying that.

Ray dreams about getting a blowjob from a ghost!! Peter confirms Walter Peck's lack of genitals. Does that sound like a kid-friendly film?!!

nab Z says:

Was that black lady's character as over the top stereotypical as it looked in the trailer?

AkashLegoProductions says:

Pretty sure you guys are funnier than this movie.

Jesse Crandle says:


Dude, in the original films you captured the ghosts and contained them, but this film just outright destroying them… you're fucking kidding me, right? How does that make any sense at all? Is there some shit talk in the film that explains that they're somehow sending them to another dimension or… setting their spirit free to go to heaven or some shit? Even if there is some explanation that just feels contrived and lame, to be allowed to kill, capture, or do whatever.

Coherence isn't mandatory for a film… but maintaining the illusion is. Inception was pretty engrossing and well put together. There are lots of plot holes, but the ILLUSION while you're watching the film is maintained. From what I'm hearing this film lacks humor, and has no sense of continuity or maintaining the illusion of reality.

Ticking Clocks says:

I'm not paying to see this trash. already found a bootleg 😉 maybe knowing that I didn't waste $12 on it will make me like it more?

ClemMedia says:

So the Ghostbusters reboot isn't really "certified fresh" like Rotten Tomatoes say it is.

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