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The Exorcism of God – English Horror Full Movie HD Hollywood | Hollywood Movie | 4K English Movie




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The Exorcism of God – English Horror Full Movie HD Hollywood | Hollywood Movie | 4K English Movie. An American priest working in Mexico is possessed during an exorcism and commits a terrible act. Eighteen years later, the consequences of his sin come back to haunt him, unleashing the greatest battle within.

American exorcist Father Peter Williams hides a dark secret: while battling a powerful demon he was trying to expel, he committed a terrible sacrilege. Peter devoted his life to helping the people of a small Mexican village…but eighteen years later, his deeply buried secret comes back into the light. When the demon from his past returns, possessing another young woman and threatening all he holds dear, Peter must face one final, epic battle against the evil within. Terror and tension collide in this acclaimed festival favorite that’s horror heaven for fans of films like The Exorcist and The Unholy.

Director: Alejandro Hidalgo
Writers : Santiago Fernández Calvete,Alejandro Hidalgo
Stars : María Gabriela de Faría,Joseph Marcell,Irán Castillo

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