The Death of Superman – FANMADE(Everybody Knows – Sigrid)

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A FAN MADE MV for 25th anniversary of the Death of Superman
Footage from the film: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Everybody Knows – Sigrid from the film: Justice League


Κωνσταντίνος Γρηγοράκης says:

Those assholes at didn't put the "Drama" tag for the movie i made a submission…

M3rcy4evs says:

claps good job, this is a 10/10 video! Make more and get more likes, Though this video was ad I enjoyed it because you brought the right moments and made me feel sad or at least have a gloom feeling! So, thank-you for making this video, it is truly an amazing one!

Henry Smith says:

This music makes this scene so much more powerful than it actually was.

Electricfire says:

the feels though…

Lemmons Cow says:

I cried in the opening scene of Justice league when they played this song

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