The Boys – Dear Becky #1 (2020) – Comic Story & Review

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Comic Story and Review/Recap for issue 1 of the new mini-series set in The Boys Universe, The Boys: Dear Becky. Issue 1 was released on June 3, 2020.

Twelve years after the events of The Boys, Hughie finds himself back home in Scotland where he intends to finally marry Annie in the company of friends and family. But the sudden appearance of a peculiar document sends our hero into a tailspin and threatens to bring the events of his nightmarish past crashing down on him in the worst possible way. There was one story about The Boys that Hughie never knew. Now, whether he likes it or not, he’s going to.

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russ Braun
Colorer: Tony Avina
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Covers: Darick Robertson

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Background music from Epidemic Sound.

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Dannymalt says:

I wanted to cover issue 1 as I know there is lots of interest in the series. But I think I am going to wait until the series wraps up, and then do a video going through the entire mini-series, rather than making videos for each individual issue.

tbear says:

So far definitely not necessary. Hate for it to lessen such an already great product.

Wind Wind says:

Dear God do i fucking hate Highland Hughie mini… it made me drop the whole series unintentionally because how boring it was.

zack fair says:

hysterical "thyatham"

Sylvester Malifa says:

The world is getting worse everyday this comic is correct and accurate

Chase Madison says:

That Shazam joke is fucked up. I don't like that at all not only did they take his power they ruined his life!

duh dee dee says:

Mallory probably sent the diary. His death wasn't shown and Ennis has a track record of bringing back characters you think were going to die off-panel.

Donkey says:

eh, wish comics would stop preaching the politics their author has through their character. Why would Hughie care about brexit and immigrants?
I enjoy a trip back into this series though, always was disappointed by the ending

Mello Brown says:

WTF There’s a continuation?!🤯 Let’s go!

Gavin Brown says:

I dunno, I feel like this was REALLY unneeded. I know its to early to tell and ill hold out hope a while but I still dont think itll do anything for the original series

Genaro Siles says:

The comic makes fun of Woke culture. I’m so happy for it.

Arty Mixon says:

You sound like a trump supporter I'm unsubbing

Triple L God says:


RBGGaming says:

Butcher is still a sociopath

Dee Boot says:

Garth Ennis "Angry old man rants issue #1

Gamer Menace says:

Can you please do Luther Strode.

vincent list says:

OMG MORE THE BOYS!?!? I've missed this 😭😭😭😭😭

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