The Batman Trailer 2021 – Court of Owls and Batman Movies Easter Eggs Breakdown

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The Batman Trailer 2021. Robert Pattinson Court of Owls, Joker, DC Fandome Movies Easter Eggs, Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer & The Flash Movie Trailer ►
The Batman Trailer 2021 New Easter Eggs ►
The Flash Movie Teaser Trailer ►
Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer ►
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer ►
The Suicide Squad Trailer 2021 ►
Black Adam Trailer 2022 ►
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Covering The Batman 2021 Trailer, Court of Owls Batman Movies Easter Eggs, New Joker, DC Fandome Trailer, Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer, DC Movies Panel Breakdown. New The Batman Movie Footage, Robert Pattinson, Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, New Batmobile. Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Footage, Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer, The Suicide Squad 2021 Trailer, The Flash Movie and Michael Keaton Batman.

The Flash Movie Teaser, Aquaman 2 Movie, Shazam 2 Teaser and The Rock Black Adam Movie Teaser. There will be more DC FanDome Panels for all the new DC Movies and New DC Series. Green Lantern HBO and possibly Justice League Dark.

I’ll be post more DC Movies videos and updates as we get more footage for everything and big announcements!

And I’ll do more Batman Movie videos for all the different Batman versions based on what DC Movies Announce in the future. And this is not related to the new Batman Scenes coming to the Justice League Snyder Cut Movie next year. That will still be all Ben Affleck Batman.

All my DC Fandome Trailer videos will post next weekened! The Batman 2021 Trailer, Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer, The Suicide Squad 2021 Trailer, Black Adam Movie Teaser, Shazam 2, The Flash Movie 2022 and anything else they release for the new Green Lantern HBO Series or Justice League Dark HBO Series!

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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my new Batman Trailer Court of Owls and More Easter Eggs! Let me know how many you spotted! Here's my new video for The Flash Movie Teaser Trailer too!

Luna Hudson says:

උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගa

Dark Knight says:

I give every new Batman a chance even if I'm not initially convinced…I've been surprised, hope it happens again

thejoabear says:

I found another owl on the stair well.

Amber Richardson says:

6:07 what's the name of this movie?

Jerry Comrade says:

Please, I just want modern batman and modern joker to meet which isn't DCCW.

Michael Mark says:

Charlie, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a Young Justice: Phnatoms movie. PLEEASEE

Michael Mark says:

“And that should include Kevin Conroy’s Batman”


The Boxer says:

We all gotta stop looking for heroes in celebrities. People develop ethics from suffering & self-discipline, not getting their asses kissed 24/7.

Chuck Ewing says:

Pattinson isn't going to be any better than miller playing the Flash, he seems more like peter parker than Flash, actually so would pattinson, He would never be my choice for batman

Nitethrasher says:

I loved the vegence part!!!!


Wow Court of Owls they are a cult so how will they do it ????

Will Loveless says:

Maybe someone has already stated the obvious. Im not gonna sit here and read thru 1k comments but it seems like theyre going with the theme(s) of the last trilogy with a lil joker (film) mixed in. Sorry not sorry but sometimes yall read into the comics too much….instead of what sells….or what is currently going on and can be exploited to sell…yeah….think about it…

myles conlon says:

I'm finding more Easter eggs in this trailer the more I watch it the more I love it . I still love his beatdown and the' I am vengeance ' line that will be equal to Christian bales I'm batman loved that line

Dana Grooms says:

He lies still, also means his lies are ongoing. He's begging Bruce to dig into the victims.

Boni Chodes says:

Eggs? Owls? I see what you did there.

FabianDaG says:

I hope they bring in mr. freeze in on of the movies 😭

Cole Hathaway says:

The greeting card

rmhartman says:

The fight around 7:38, 7:39 … is that a "realistic costumed" catwoman (like the realistic costumed riddler)? 7:49 the back of the hood/ski-mask/whatever has little cat ears. and just before that she drops from a skylight on a rope — cat burglar style. I think we've got catwoman here.

Fred G. says:

I think it is going to be a Batman beyond the whole Michael Keaton coming back to film some scenes has me thinking that he is going to be old Batman instructing young Batman beyond. I wonder why nobody has thought of that. You never know with how crazy DC does things. Nothing makes no sense. But they hit near bullseye once in a while. People get so excited with DC movies because they been trash for so long that anything remotely good gets amplified.

Canadian Merlin says:

what does the cross mean? i've seen a couple of them

Pedro Luis Lozada Estrada says:

Fav Moment From The Trailer?? Yes.

dharmaraj jadeja says:

This is from the 20-25% of shooting the have done…. Just putting it out there…

dante846 says:

The car from 4:16 is a Lincoln Aviator 2020

glen mascarenhas says:


Vaughn Gainey says:

Holy shit I had no idea that was Colin Farrell.

Storm Graves says:

Look Closely That Funeral Hostage May Be Peter Skarsgard ( sorry if I butchered his name lol )

Xmixer says:

What I hate is that the Batman mask is more like helmet and not a mask

Sith Saiyan says:

That’s my new favorite Batmobile, I need one in my life.

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