The Amazing Spider-Man movie review

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Spider-Man gets a reboot that is inevitably being met with mixed feelings and reviews. Jeremy gives you his review for “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

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Marty_The_Editor says:

Review the sam raimi series

InsideOut Fan2001 says:

My Ranking of the Spiderman Movies

Amazing Spiderman 2 0/5

Amazing Spiderman 0.5/5

Spiderman Homecoming 3.5/5

Spiderman 5/5

Spiderman 2 5/5

Spiderman 3 5/5

Cyber Mouse says:

My list which I think is opposite to most
1.Spiderman 3 (emo tobey)
3.Spiderman 1
4.Spiderman 2
5.TASM 2

InsideOut Fan2001 says:

Amazing Spiderman was awful! I give it a 0.5/5!

DarthBatSpider says:

Spider-Man: Awesometacular
Spider-Man 2: Awesometacular
Spider-Man 3: Good time if your drunk
The Amazing Spider-Man: Forget it in T-minus 1 week
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Good time if you’re drunk
Spider-Man Homecoming: Good time no alcohol needed/ Awesometacular

Leonel Tiago Augusto says:

Jeremy Review the sam raimi Spiderman Trilogy. PLZ

Jahmilla Vanilla says:

Dr. Octopus is favorite Spider-man villain.

Armando serna says:

Real web shooters 🙂

Speed Demon 36 says:

There was a deleted cene with Curt Connors and his son

StuffedDigiDestined says:

1.The Amazing Spiderman| 2.Spider-Man Homecoming| 3.Spider-Man 2| 4.Spider-Man (2002)| 5.The Amazing Spider-Man 2| 6.Spider-Man 3| You disagree? Fuck off!

Ravi Singh says:

What a shitty film. Classic Sony.

AManWithAUsername says:

1. SM2 10.5/10
2. SM 10/10
3. SM3 9.5/10
4. SMHC 9/10
5. TASM 4.5/10
6. TASM 2 2/10

Simona halep fan says:

Andrew to tom now cool

Tommy Johnson says:

Carnage.definitely Carnage

Alpha Wolf says:

This movie sucked in my opinion. It just bored me. When my favorite superhero, Spider-Man, is boring in a movie, that's failure 101

Mental Man says:

I loved this film.

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