The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer – Homemade Side by Side Comparison

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“His Greatest Battle Begins!” Watch the HOMEMADE version of the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Side-by-Side with the Original! Subscribe for new Homemade Movies every Tuesday –

Watch the final Homemade version

Watch the behind-the-scenes:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out May 2nd. Get excited for the premiere by watching our new, 100% homemade version of the trailer, right next to the original.

Homemade Movies serves up creative remakes of your favorite movies, trailers and original songs. Every episode is an exact shot-for-shot remake created at home without any visual effects. It’s homemade movie magic from acclaimed director Dustin McLean! Let us know in the comments what movie you want to see homemade next!

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Dustin McLean
Cat Alter
Sh’lon Anderson

Directed by Dustin McLean
DustFilms Crew: Benjamin Martian
Produced by DustFilms

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CarsTV NL says:

lol if u listen good u can hear oreo at the begin 0:03

Dj star Cardenos says:

Do IT homemade

yangda lin says:


Aden Hightower says:

do the spideman ps4 trailer

War robots fan HIEUDANG WWR says:

That is not the trailer wrong trailer

andrew alaoui says:

instead of doing the music with their own voice look online for The Amazing Spider-Man music from the trailer

andrew alaoui says:

you suck at home made trailers

Dylan Demafeliz says:

really what kind of marvel is this funnnyyyyy

Austin 24 says:

can you guys do transformers the last knight

shahiirah Shah-Fa-Meem GAng says:

really creative!!

Michael Myers says:

do 5 nights at freddy

Juana Melendz says:

make the amazing spider man

Jefferson Sy says:

That kid is a adult because i saw beard

Gerardo Quinones says:

make a big hero 6 trailer

dhaval brahmbhatt says:

Look at the kid in the homemade version at 0:05. 🙂

Jordan Thurston says:

thats so good

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