The Amazing Evolution Of Spider-Man In Movies [Documentary]

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Here is our amazing in depth evolution of Spider-Man in movies.
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No matter how many heroes may be re-imagined, rebooted, or replaced, and with more and more comic book superheroes being introduced every year, Spider-Man remains one of the most beloved, relatable, and recognizable around the world. Taking that kind of success and moving it to the big screen is harder than it sounds, as a few directors have already learned – with more lessons still coming. As Spider-Man makes his journey to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what better time is there to take a look back at the hero’s movie outings, in our latest Docu video, The Evolution of Spider-Man in Movies.

Script by: Ben Kendrick @benkendrick

Voice Over by: Ben Kendrick @benkendrick

Nicholas Hammond | 0:43
Tobey Maguire | 1:58
Andrew Garfield | 4:23
Tom Holland | 6:18

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Makkah Networking says:

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Makkah Networking says:

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Riley Patrick says:

Nicholas Hammond will always be MY Spider-Man!!!

Polette Ramirez says:

Polette Ramirez ?

Samuel Rupini says:

Andrew is best for spiderman…..

Blamer Blaze says:

I have high hopes for tom

Blamer Blaze says:

I don't care about the 2nd amazing Spiderman. The first one was awesome. The suit is my favorite. And the video game was fun

Sierra Harris says:

The first spiderman rules

Nicholas Hammond rules

Gaming With OB7DA says:

Toby is the best

Skateboarding Pro-Gamer says:

the spider man movies have evolved very well also toby maguire is the best spider man hands down

fun aimer says:

Andrew is good as Tom Holland, any body agrees ?

WizCON_YT says:

There was a SpiderMan between Nicholas Hammond and Toby Maguire. The actor was Japanese but it was in New York

Sparsh Daksh says:

Andrew the best spiderman ?️?️

KiranEzio says:

They should carry on with what they are doing with tom but I really do think that they should also carry on with the amazing spider man coz in my opinion that is the best and is my favourite film ever ever ever

doge says:

Homecoming makes spiderman 1,3 and the amazing spiderman 2, look like jokes rather than movies, it dis not make spiderman 2 and the amazing spiderman 1 look like jokes but still kicked their ass

Zachary Low says:

3:14 sam raimi's version IS timeless

Afrah Mojeb Noor says:

nicholas suck

Jason Weetman says:

Tom is the best spiderman
Toby is the best peter Parker
Andrew is best at both and fighting

Momin Khurram says:

Best Tom holland

BEN ! says:


Charlie Cho says:

In my opinion i think tobey was the best peter parker
And tobey was the best spidey

Justin / Ant-Man says:

Tom Holland is so a better MCU spider man

OverGloweded says:

Tom Holland And Andrew Garfield Were The Best Ones Cuz They Were Super Funny And While They Fighted They Made Jokes Lol And Tobey Maguire Was CRINGE

Johnny Rodriguez says:

i always loved the amazing Spiderman 1 suit and 2 who agree

X-IT says:

i have andrew costume and that was mean andrew was the best 😀

The Sith Gamer 272 says:

im team tobey!!!

Friendly Neighborhood Spidey says:

Andrew Garfield was my favorite spiderman

ボロ from EU says:

DEGRADATION not evolution 😛

Adam on Fire says:

My fav was andrew

Adam on Fire says:

Toby best peter Parker, Andrew serioust spiderman,tom funniest spiderman

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