The 40-Year-Old Version Movie Review **SPOILER ALERT**

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Gay homosexuals Nick and Joseph spoil The 40-Year-Old Version – a 2020 American comedy film, written, directed, and produced by Radha Blank in her directorial debut.

Premise: Radha is a down-on-her-luck NY playwright, who is desperate for a breakthrough before 40. Reinventing herself as rapper RadhaMUSPrime, she vacillates between the worlds of Hip Hop and theater in order to find her true voice.

Find them on Instagram:
Nick (@ragingbells)
Joseph (@joroyolo)
Fish Jelly (@fishjellyfilms)

Nick is also the Lead Film Critic at Ioncinema ( and a Tomatometer-approved critic on Rotten Tomatoes (

Radha Blank as Radha
Peter Kim as Archie
Oswin Benjamin as D
Reed Birney as Josh Whitman
Imani Lewis as Elaine
TJ Atoms as Kamal
Welker White as Julie
Haskiri Velazquez as Rosa
Jacob Ming-Trent as Lamont

Cinematography Eric Branco

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Teaira D says:

When she said “FYOV – Fund Your Own Vision. Fill Your Own Void. Forty Year Old Version” ugh I applauded!!!

petrina jones says:

Loved this movie love Radha Blank.

Amy Jay says:

I fucking loved it

Kelly and Krew O'Brien says:

Wow. Let's do our lives people. You two are awesome. Joseph checks with Nick because he has memory issues. Nick defers to Joseph on time and closing. Give and take. Great discourse.

Michelle Michou Graham says:

I am curious. Since practically the first time I discovered your channel ……several months ago. With your "I'M NICK & I'M JOSEPH". As a fan living in a tiny Island in the Caribbean. Loved and still love your dynamic however. There are several 'things" that make me curious as fuck. If you both have not seriously edited or reviewed your videos… you realise how you both come off as to the 'rest of us (around the world) on your S.Media' ?? Here is what I see. Everytime. Joseph is the one who tells the story. Unfortunately….it is as if……he can NEVER trust himself….or his own judgment. He MUST …and will ALWAYS glance over to 'Nick'…….and if you look at their videos……….he will ALWAYS ….glance over to Nick before 'saying his piece . Nick is clearly in charge and …in the end ..has a huge control on Joseph . God help them both . They are entertaining as fuck to …to the rest of us…

Ronald Matters says:

Yall! I was gonna skip this movie but yall REALLY just gave it 4 out of 5. So… now I gotta find time to see it.

Sandra Seals says:

I swear I thought you all meant the 40-Year-Old Virgin, lol.

Shuga Says! says:

I agree 100% with you both. She really captured the essence of urban New York City and the artists struggle

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