Superman vs Batman Soundtrack by Filip Oleyka (Fan Made)

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Hi! This is my new soundtrack now from Batman vs Superman. And thank you for 112 Subscribers!


The power of bruce lee says:

You made it in my eyes, if its up to me you are the future for the movies..i am a True hans zimmer fan..but when i heared a song you made named :return the batcave i knew you could be the future. I can 't find, i have heared it, 4 years ago and i can't find… I remember it.. That has a alot of meaning.

StoNem says:

What is this wallpaper?

DarkFilmz Studios says:

this has been my top #1 favorite music from you filip

Impending Rival says:

It amazes me how so much better this fan score is to the legit thing. It makes BvS score sound like My Little Pony

Polaris 95 says:

Wow! This is just so great!

Aditya Kondamudi says:

bro, i just don't know what to say to you. its amazing. wonder why it got such less views!!!!!
make sure to try and get in touch with some film producers

Juan Raymundo Ramos says:

Hello Sprite Films! I was wondering if we could use this track for an upcoming episodic series featuring zombie apocalypse on YouTube. 🙂

El Joker Cholo :v says:

this is a great soundtrack!!! Dude please, you could do some soundtracks of batman for future film, thanks men, bye.

gabriel dias gaviao says:

amazing music amazing

Sprite Films says:

Really good can I ask could I use this in my fan films I will give you credit on the film

Sergey Zaslavets says:

Wow, so you are the composer of "I am Batman" official soundtrack from Batman vs Superman, was it like you made it officially for the movie, or they bought it later after you composed it?

TheCoolGamer says:

hey i was thinking of using your musical score in one of my vids that i'll be making after this

i'll credit you ofcourse but can i use it?

Willem Isaac says:

can i use this epic soundtrack? 🙂

Legoout says:

Hey I really love this music I was thinking of making a video could I use this music in it… of course I will give u credit

Anton Garagulya says:

Awesome, just awesome. I like it very much. I can really fel and hear both batman and superman here, just as you wanted it to be. Great job.

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