Superman Teaser Trailer (Tyler Hoechlin) (Fan Made)

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Here is my short teaser trailer for a “what if” type video of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in a movie trailer. I was so impressed with him on Supergirl I had to make this with the original John Williams music! Used a few clips from Smallville/MOS where they fit. Hope you enjoy!

For the record I am doing this purely for fun, with NO intention of “fooling” anyone or covering up the fact that I used clips from other movies.

-Man of Steel

Music: Dark Knight Rises Score & SAW Theme song

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This is an independent, non-profit, artistic expression created purely for fun and is in no way connection to, or endorsed by Warner Brothers, Marvel Studios or DC Comics. I take NO credit for anything I didn’t exclusively create.

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black Indian lonewollf313 says:

If he hit the weights… He would be perfect

Ronald Sprowal says:

he should get a TV superman movie

Chato Santana El Diablo says:

We need a spin off
Superman on the CW

DrumhellerParanormal says:

Sorry he just isn't a Superman to me.

Goku XV Legend says:

Now this is a Proper DC Trailer. It would be nice to see a CW Superman Direct-to-TV Movie instead of a show. I would like to see Tyler Hoechlin's Superman background story with Lex. Good job dude it made my day 🙂

Atomic Celestial says:

I know this is john Williams score but what's the specific name ?

dannyhuskerjay says:

This is how superman should be ??

Undead Media says:

Could you possibly send me a link to where I could find a clean version of this speech?

Huricane Flash says:

Fan made, yet you used CW's Supergirl Superman scenes. Not trying to complain just saying keep up the good work! You should make more. Like Green Lantern, Shazam, Aquaman and other DC Superheroes in The DC Universe.

The Man of Tomorrow says:

Cancel Arrow and Supergirl and make this show happen Cw

Andrew DeSoto says:

Oh this Must be done. MUST!!!

Jardz says:

ooooooooo shit that was good man

Axl Knight says:

Gosh, it's been a life since we had a superman series animated or live action (smallville doesn't count cuz we never seen him in the suit)

Axl Knight says:

Gosh, it's been a life since we had a superman series animated or live action (smallville doesn't count cuz we never seen him in the suit)

Marvel Forever A.K.A Slim Shady Forever says:


Kfr3sh 22 says:

U should like work for a movie company I love the music u use for your trailers

Jason V says:

still better than BvS

Shadow Phoenix says:

good video and people keep comparing him to Cavill which is so stupid and Christopher Reeve is at least in the same size to Tyler somewhat so think on that Reeve wasn't as buff and toned either

Joshua Preston says:

Are you gonna create a full trailer?

G.A. Edits says:

Nice Work! the title could be a little better but very good!

AListProductions says:

Fan made, just for fun. Using the John Williams score to composite a fun trailer. Hope you enjoy!

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