“Superman IV The Quest For Peace” Marlon Brando Deleted Scene 2 Fan Edit

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Scene from my fan made recut fan edit remake of Superman 4 The Quest for Peace that I call “Superman Reborn.”

These were my first ever editing projects, so I know they are terrible, but I’ll be re-making these soon & will be WAY better & make more sense, as I was just an amature at the time, so I now consider these REALLY “rough drafts” of my vision of these Superman movies, so be sure to subscribe so you can see the new & improved scenes when they come out.

The original 1987 theatrical version was produced by Golden Globus (Cannon Films), directed by Sidney J. Furie, written by Mark Rosenthal, with music theme based on Williams original by Alexander Courage, & starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, Marc McClure, Jackie Cooper, Mariel Hemmingway, John Cryer, & Mark Pillow as “Nuclear Man.” This was the only Superman movie of the 80s that was not produced by Alexander & Ilya Salkind & not composed by either John Williams or Ken Thorne.

Special thanks & credit goes to Youtuber Pedalero, as I stole his no junk yard reveal to put into this new re-powering scene, & I also put his name in the credits. I also gace Nuclear Man a bit more edge by giving him the power to control meteors, as he wreacks even more havok upon the city just when all hope seems lost & everyone thinks Superman is dead.

The interest to recut all four original Chris Reeve Superman films all first started with the 2006 release of the Superman II The Richard Donner Cut, Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh, the Smallville TV series starring Tom Welling, & than seeing the official 2013 Man of Steel teaser trailer, which is directed by Zack Snyder & starring Henry Cavill, Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, & Laurence Fishburne, so it’s sure to be an epic. With Superman being back in the movie spotlight these past few years, a Superman fan like myslf can’t help but be inspired & be caught up in all the hype & create some Superman fan work of my own. I hope you all enjoy. Thanks again!

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CubanPete1990 says:

Hey don't forget a footage of Helen Slater as Supergirl in this movie!

HEAVYMETALmovie1981 says:

Loved it, personally  🙂 

Gustaf C. E. Jennings says:

Even though I have seen all four Christopher Reeve Superman movies, I still think it can be misleading for Superman to use a green crystal to create his Fortress of 
Solitude, or for any type of re-powering.  I suggest you make it a yellow crystal, containing the power of our sun.

bigdaddyangel73 says:

i gotta laugh because i fell for it … lol first 30 seconds i was thinking hey this is some badass shit …. then i realized the editing   .GREAT JOB

David Blyth says:

I have had similar ideas of Clark being depowered by Nuclear Man and being repowered in the fortress, I like some of your concepts as it makes use of the Lester repower scene…perhaps you could have done with suggesting the crystal was actually Laras' from the rocket and had her with her voice-over telling him about what the energy module does?

Kal _ 290 says:

Haha I'm sorry dude, but I just don't get your edits. If you have fun making them, then great, that's all that matters. But, like, are they supposed to tell or re-tell the story, or are they just montages? Like this one, how do we go from that deleted scene to Nuclear Man starting a nuclear war to those Apollo 13/Day After Tomorrow-like scenes? And then what is Superman doing out in the arctic and why does him appearing to get his powers back make the FOS 'rebuild' itself? (The shirt-rip lift from SIII in the junkyard and inserting it into the FOS very well done though.)

HEAVYMETALmovie1981 says:

Loved it 🙂

Casey Krull says:

No need for foul language please, this isn't high school. But if I may translate what our angry friend was trying to say: Footage from another film that was also not necessary in the fact that it is still Canon to being a film that people like and is not disregarded like Superman's 3 & 4. But again, good effort, your Heart is there! I feel the presence of Verisimilitude on youtube!

Casey Krull says:

Using footage from 3 is always a good idea (considering that 3 AND 4 were both disregarded from the series) but footage from Returns isn't necessary. I also have an edit of 4 that I will Hopefully be posting up some distinct scenes soon (transition scenes more or less). *Note – He's not a con artist, lol. Just has good intentions like S-IV did.

Shane McDermit says:

Ok…..just got back from Armageddon. They said stop ripping them off and learn to be creative. Ok, bye.

Shane McDermit says:

Superman 3 and Superman returns? really? Dude, you're a con artist.

Shane McDermit says:

You think we don't know Armagedon you douche fag?

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