Superman III: Tornado Scene Re-edited (Fan Made)

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So this is an extended version of the scene in Superman III where Superman saves Colombia from a raging storm that Gus activated using a satellite. Rather than hearing Gus talk about it, I decided to edit it so you can see it from Superman’s perspective (using clips from Superman III and a deleted scene from Superman IV).


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Komnenit says:

Jesus christ…these gringos and their stereotyping….
I'm colombian and Colombia is nothing like that! We don't speak with a mexican accent nor it is full of peasants and donkeys, no tornados here as well!

Julián Morales Calderón says:

Ok, I am Colombian but I don't know people in my country whom speaks spanish with mexican accent, perhaps they are talking another colombia, maybe a lil town called colombia in some place in Mexico.

Camilo Cervantes says:

I like Superman but Colombia Doesn't look like that. Colombia is so cool. HOLLYWOOD directors need better information sources. Coffee fields are in mountains. Colombians don't eat too spicy, we love chocolate in breakfast , Colombian women are so beautiful , churches are huge, we have a lot of fruits, we have a lot of kinds of bread , know what, come to my country and discover the true.

sabadoadrianovich says:

Each morning, upon awakening, repeat these words:
¡Colombia is not Mexico, and United States is not Canada, just for talking the same language!

Thanks a lot, God bless you

sabadoadrianovich says:

Oh my God
¿Why all gringo people think that the whole continent are Mexico?
The voices and the people in this scene are Mexican People. The woman that scream "Mira pa´rriba" talk like Puertorican, and the Music are Peruvian Pipe.

¿What is wrong with you people? ¿Why not investigate before making movies?
In Bruce Almighty when our Juan Valdez bring a cup of coffee, the music this time, are Spain Guitar. And i can say millions and millions of movies and tv series with very big mistakes.

TheSoniczfan says:

@thesouz18 XD

TheSoniczfan says:

@thesouz18 Yea, He's only lame cause he needs direct sunlight lol

TheSoniczfan says:

@batmanvsalien I kind of like nuclear man ( not the movie he's in though ) he's an awesome Villain 2 me, It's just the movie he was in sucked.

VF1Skullangel says:

Damn they got hit by an F-5.

Craig Foye says:

Gotta love this part where the huge tornado wreaks a lot of havoc in Colombia!!

David Chan says:

@batmanvsalien of course. it was richard donner's project he knew so well. if he had stayed all 4 SUPERMAN movies would have been megahits like star wars , indiana jones, etc. also if john williams had done the tracks each movie would have gotten better & better. i've read that there are more unreleased tracks locked in the vault. the salkinds & lester ruined everything. how could they turn SUPERMAN into a funny character ?

Angel Mass says:

Gracias Superman!

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