SUPERMAN & CLARK KENT – Why Does Nobody Recognize Him?

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Superman & Clark Kent. Why doesn’t anybody make the connection? Find out here probably.

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Austin Dyer says:

Nobody recognises him as Clark Kent because drum roll It isn't real.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

Because Superman was always meant for children, not man babies.

Starshine Ciferri says:

My last name is steele

Jonathan Mortimer says:

No real explanation. U just wanted view money

DJ Pro says:

Jimmy Kimmel

Tommy says:

Because its a movie! IRL that shit wouldnt work. gotta wear a full mask to not be recognized. But in MOVIES…………….I know its fucking stupid but hollywood………….

JT Smith says:

I lnow this video is old, but I'll take a t-shirt. Great video BTW. Always fun to hear your opinions on any of this.

The Mutant says:


Virginia Singleton says:

I know why they can't tell. If u notice he's usually around fast pace environment. And ppl on the go respond more to ur personality as oppose to how u look. And he projects a quiet mild-mannered klutz. Whereas Superman displays the opposite. All the times in the tv shows and movies when he's discovered or theirs a vague realization this guy looks like Superman, how did I not see that, plus he's good looking, only occurs during quiet down times where the other can study him and his and Superman's pattern of not being in the same place at the same time and whenever Superman is around Clark isn't and vice versa.

Bill The Bull Gates says:

So the superman from the supergirl show or smallville or whatever does nothing of these things at all.. other than wearing glasses…

Harru Kuehn says:

A convincing act plus he lives in a big city where people tend to be cynical and keep to themselves. But the version of Superman that gets away from it the best, is the one that transforms himself into Dr. Jekyll. Meaning two personas, on ultimate alpha male, the other has a hard to time even getting a woman's notice, and he often is the but of jokes around the water cooler. It would be difficult in reality to do that as far as ego. Superman is often worship as a Demigod and Clark gets sent to cover the opening of sewage plant in an unknown suburb of Metropolis.

Sierlea says:

It doesn't hurt that his appearance isn't that rare. "Clark looks a lot like Superman in build and such," is easy to convince people. "IS Superman," is harder.

Matt Schumacher says:

I think the slouching down and having a double chin plus the thick glasses would be enough of a disguise. No one would think that they are the same because, in their minds, it’s physically impossible to change your own body structure.

Tony Castle says:

Super Man is a Prime Jedi

Geeked-OutTurtlesFan37 says:

It's easy. His manorisms. Clark isn't confident, he's low key and kind of a wimp while Superman is confident and brave

Satan Lover13 says:

4:28 dude blue hair tinge and Charlie Chaplin

Satan Lover13 says:

Why does no one point out the blue hair ting

Emmanuel Mondesir says:

clark kent is important to superman just so he can stay humble
i recommend red son for that.

Keith says:

This is one thing I admittedly loved about Jesse Eisenberg's Luthor in BvS, the smart decision to have him realistically determine in one film that Superman was Clark Kent instead of playing up this antiquated dynamic in the DCEU.

I had a similar reaction to Bane immediately knowing who Bruce was in TDKR, demonstrating his intelligence in their first meeting but choosing not to expose him because he wanted to retain the Batman as a symbol that he could destroy.

Bane knew revealing Batman's identity would only leave him human. That wasn't enough in his eyes, he wanted Gotham to keep seeing him as a legend, a figure, so that he could annihilate everything that symbol once stood for and achieved.

That's why he told them the truth about Harvey Dent, not to give the city "back to the people" but because the people & city were the Waynes' & Batman's legacy. Bane wanted Bruce to watch that legacy descend into chaos before killing it himself.

By the same token, Luthor could've blackmailed Clark into sharing his identity as he did to make him fight Batman. But he didn't want Clark to be seen as human or relatable. He wanted Superman, the symbol, to be seen as a fraud, a "false god".

hcm9999 says:

The only person that could (and should) recognize Superman is Lois Lane.
That is because Lois Lane is the only person who has ever seen both Superman and Clark Kent up close.
Nobody knows Clark Kent. He is just an ordinary reporter for a newspaper. Newspapers usually don't publish pictures of their own reporters. Clark Kent does not appear on TV. So except for close friends and colleagues, nobody knows Clark Kent's face. A stranger meeting Clark Kent at random would not be able to make the connection.
And also, as mentioned, Superman avoids being photographed.

MrJ says:

Why is it that in justice league nobody finds it weird that both Clark and superman died on the exact same day but also mysteriously returned on the same day

Norris Bennett says:

Great video

Zninja 1162 says:

I think Lex knew all along, but for some reason, he doesn't want others to know…

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