Super Cafe: Who’s a Hero

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Before the Doctor can have his Day, he must first swing by the Super Cafe.

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Conrad Andrew says:

No seriously go back and save Amy ?

Adam Craggs says:

HISHE should do more Doctor Who video's as they include the Daleks and Cybermen in the villan pub. Like and comment if you want to see How Day Of The Doctor Should Of Ended.

Joshua Brumbles says:

I honestly don't know if I should hate this or love it.

Daniel Kaplan says:

Good grief!! HISHE even got his chin right!

ItzSharkGaming says:

"No, no. How did you even get in here?!"

Adam Craggs says:

The Doctor now holds the title of best excuse of all of time and space: "I'm The Docter, just accept it." Although "Because I'm Batman!!!!" is still a Bat-tastic (Sorry couldn't stop myself) excuse!!! And you know what? So was I!

Adam Craggs says:

Batman meeting The Doctor, the only thing I liked about Lego Dimensions, and it's in a HISHE video

Moonshine Harkness says:

batman dose know that amy is married, right?

Doctor Fun says:

He can’t go back is fix point in time

Honoka Killer says:

Do more! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Teatro do Bairro says:

When you realize thtathe voice of the three are from the same person.

You understand loneliness.

Ariadne says:

Please do more Doctor Who hishe! It's soooo awesome!

PatriZia Kiddo says:

I need more DR WHo stuff

Asain says:

Lmao superman planet blown lol

Lil Mac says:

This is the quality content I have been looking for all my life.

Pengwill Games says:

Infinite Clara vs infinite top hat guy

Olivia's crazy Corner says:

We don't live in the doctor's universe, therefore, he couldn't save our krypton. Also, the accent was slightly offensive. And Clara stepping into his time stream, thus breaking into a million pieces, which overrode the great intelligences million tiny pieces didn't make you cry? HOW? And please explain souffle girl, because I don't get it.

Joshua Johnson says:

Actually rory died

I panicked! At the chemical Bøy says:

Was the word 'Who' in the title a play-on-words?

Moopheus says:


Nalin Sen says:

Because I'm Batman! Batman runs this place man

Shanethefilmmaker says:

Batman would sneak into the Tardis. He would.

MizzFlippzy says:

Seriously, go save Amy. XD

GameBuster04 says:

Matt Smith and David Tennant are tied for my favorite doctor

Smoky Lupin says:

Batman: Just Like your Magic Wand?
The Doctor: It’s not magic It’s a Sonic Screwdriver!


Joshua V. Harding says:

Nobody tell Batman the name of the Tenth Doctor's Series 3 companion…

Toby Time Travel Films says:

Do more Doctor Who

NeoDragonCount says:

Doctor Who sucks ever since Moffat took over.

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