Super Cafe: Versus

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Episode 7. When Bruce and Clark hear the news of their soon to be blockbuster duo, the debate over who gets the movie title and why begins.

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Ferry Dewanna says:

Batman Is sure a smart guy hehehe

Aaron Hernandez says:

To keep it fair. Batman looses the gadgets. While superman has a small peice of kryptonite; just enough to make him like a normal human. We all know who would win.

Dragon TutuZ says:

Superman:Man of steel Total Pwnage
Batman: Because he is batman
I am dead ????


Actually the movie was basicly batman vs super man aka Reboot + Sequel = a new start

EndGame says:


FandomFanaticYT!! ! says:

Damn, Batman just told Superman his movie, "Man of Steel" blows!

Theflying_hotdog says:

?????That ending tho????

Daniel Clark says:

Whaaaaaaat? lol

iki süper kuzen says:

Can you make a super cafe episode with Damian Wayne. Son of Batman.

Kutlu Mızrak says:

Simpler times.

Caleaha Radomski says:

I need a "BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN" movie

The Fearless Knight says:

OR u can call the vs movie Batman v Superman which is not a move in real =3

Dan Jordan says:

I'm more of a Villain Pub person myself…

rodney adams says:

so thought take glove off there be kriptionite ring or something. superman wakes up there bat shape bruise on his head

Rishabh Neeshath says:

batman is too cool!

fatih yıldırım says:

do injustice 1 and 2 please and this is actually mortal combat 12

Brendon Tan says:

Does he bite? No, but he can hurt you in other ways.

Sanskar Nunheriya says:

TELL me people why does batman wins???
Read more

Crestfire says:

Now remember why batman is the best superhero in any verse…..BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!

The Vulture says:

Peace I'm out. I'm Batman.

DEMOlisher 6-0-3-9 says:

Batman RULE!!! Superman sucks.

Colton Bell says:

Wow, They annouced Batman VS Superman 3 years before it came out?

Carmen Garcia says:

Spoiler alert:

Batman wins, you know why ?


it depends on who you ask says:

i love batmans title idea

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