Super Cafe: Batman v Superman – It’s On!

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Welcome to the Metaverse says:

"Dude, I will hug you to your GRAVE!"
"No, you won't."
"Yes I will. We are FRIENDS!"
That is so freaking adorable.

Barney Stinson says:

Well, Batman did beat superman

Yo no quiero Ver el mundo arder says:

Dude i will huge you to your grave!!!

Ironhide /diamondboltfan777777777777777777777777 says:

They killed Han

SPE says:

Star Wars: challenge accepted.

Youtube Epic Gaming says:

The killed Han

Emmanuel Dario Fernandez Arcidiacono says:

"Dude I'll hug you to your grave!" "No you won't!" "Yes I will! We are friends!" <3 <3 <3

monsterpearl says:

he also bled in man of steel on the ship when he was adapting to the ships gravity or something like that

Sunnee Knight says:

Han gets killed

Metallic Twister says:

When Han actually doesn’t make it…

Ross Lamb says:

Batman: they'd never kill off Han

Me: (sharp inhale) ooh

Najdorf sicilian says:

SM:Why because you're batman?
BM:No! Because Im better than you


I from 2017

There are flying cars jk
Super man comes back to life

Lamashtar says:

I loved Superman's "Thanks for making me more AMAZING"

Than Master Z says:

? ?
⛽️ ?
? ?
? ?

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