SUICIDE SQUAD VS JUSTICE LEAGUE Fight Scene King Shark, Batman, Superman (2021) Action HD

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SUICIDE SQUAD Fight Scene King Shark, Batman, Superman (2021) Action HD

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GameClips says:

00:00 – Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
2:55 – DC Universe Online
7:16 – Injustice 2

Hammy Crash says:

harley with buns is a crime

Mohammed Hussain says:

My god they looks so real

Chrys Bell says:

The click bate

Tyler Johnson says:

Boomerang is funny

Thomas says:

Since when was Harley Spiderman? I'm sick of them buffing her to make her relevant

Alexander Chinea says:

what game is this wtf

Kyle Albright says:

Since when is boomerang a speedster

Kreate says:

Makes no sense how deadshot hit flash he wouldn’t even be able to see him running at all?

Damian Arnold says:

Why does Superman look like John cena

Dylan Aldous says:

Superman looks like John cena

Jason Houle says:

Tara Strong's voice doesn't really work for this interpretation of Harley Quinn. Fanboys insist that only she can voice her, but her voice is pretty specific to a more cartoony Harley Quinn. It feels too out of place.

Lucas Dubé says:

Wait since when does boomerang have superspeed

Heitor Guidolini says:

Am I the only one disapointed here? I thought at first it would be a Suicide Squad original new game, but it looks like a dlc for Injustice 2. It's once again a fighting game and no blood or real violence, like there was in the movie. The characters don't look nice, beside the Squad, and the story seems to be mediocre. I was waiting for something different, something more like Batman Arkham games…

JustinGotit says:

Wait wait wait please tell me is this actually a full game it is this different games?

LJ Shyang says:

This version of king shark not cute at all.

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