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1) 00:01:10 Stranger Things Season 2 Review SPOILERS!!
3) 00:20:46 Kevin Spacey News

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Roth Cornet
Dan Murrell
Spencer Gilbert
Joe Starr

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ScreenJunkies News says:

One, speak up and join the conversation.
Two, discuss and debate with respect.
“And three, be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

Phaota says:

That was a qreat segment. Loved all the qnformative questions and qiewpoints. 🙂

Gregory Shepherd Davis says:

Correction:  They are DEMODOGS and not DEMIDOGS.  Demogorgon and not Demigorgon.

Doug Harris says:

They should film the next 2 seasons together since the kids are growing up so fast and becoming so famous.

?Sick Boy? says:

I stayed to the end. I could listen to ya talk about anything, and I'm sure you'd find a way to make it funny and/or interesting. Love you guys.

Thomas Bell says:

No explanation why maxs older brother hated the black kid. Max was so unlikeable it makes no sense why everyone was in love with her. Cgi was shit. Only 3 good episodes this season, episodes 6,8 and 9. Episode 6 "the spy" was the best. Sj are right, the kid dynamic is completely fractured this season, no chemistry at all.

Maryama Oyefusi says:

I agree with Dan. This season was great and ended really well. They really don't need to make more, especially with the kids growing up.

OptimisticMan says:

Visually and acting wise season 2 is better. Overall story wise season 1 was better more intriguing, scary.

RheyaRu!z says:

idk why I don't like spencer I never agree with him about majority of his complaints. idk hes a bit too cynical for me, I don't like him

CookieCreamCrumble says:

i totally agree with what dan was saying about the toxicity in this community. i love watching movie fights, debating is like sparring but you never make it personal. unfortunately it's hard to find an intelligent comment amongst the amount of entitled immaturity that seems to follow this kind if content.

AWosaibi says:

FINALLY someone addressed the fact that Billy looks exactly like Hopper!

Daniel M. says:

Joe Star? The real life Joseph Joe Star!?!?!?

Doctor Cthulhu says:

Billy looks like David Harber/Chief Hopper's son.

Mariela Colon says:

It’s interesting how all you professional movie critics all hate on episode 7. I saw it not as some momentum killer but more as a fleshing out of an already great character outside of Hawkins and her friends. Also, the show creators need to set up situations that will play out in later seasons for the longevity of the show, hence why the shadow monster is not dead and still a threat despite the momentary happy ending…

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