Stephen King’s IT Spoiler Review – Did the Changes Work?

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Roth Cornet and Dan Murrell give their spoiler thoughts on It (2017) and how the changes from previous versions affected the movie.

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Archie 02 says:

The movie was very creepy and suspenseful also that sewer scene when the bully sees the I love derry balloon creeped the shit out of me

greenquartz says:

I kind of assumed that Bev's fear in that moment was what allowed Pennywise to just pop into her house.

greenquartz says:

Ebola just wasn't a thing a kid in the 80's would know about. That was more commonly known about in the 90's.

harmfulsweetz says:

The thing with the leprosy thing, like why would they go with that rather than Ebola, well the movie was set in the 80s. Ebola wouldn't have made any more sense to have there than leprosy. Plus, leprosy, I think, has a visual component to it that is incredibly frightening and gross.

任政和 says:

where did they find the young Amy Adams lol. I felt it disgusting and amusing at the same time during the Lois Lane scene because they really look alike

the madafaka says:

The Losers have an ORGY..??!!! wtf..??!!
yeah…i never read the book..just seen the movie…and did see the miniseries once… never had any idea of the original version of the BLOOD OATH…!!! wow…. surprised that i never heard anything bout this before though…

MrArvins666 says:

They should of explored the racism more in this movie compared to the book. In the movie there was hardly any (black spot is a given), in the book loads lol. But that's how it was in that time even in the updated 80's reboot.

Lou Bloom says:

Get Out is a horror, a movie is allowed to approach more than one genre

Lou Bloom says:

Beverly went from the strongest character of the losers to a damsel in distress that got Sleeping Beautied in the end… Character development, I guess?

Marcquise White says:

Why they diminished Mike's character? Hmmmm, yeah I wonder.

Marcquise White says:

Hated this movie, loved the book

Lou Bloom says:

"This was not full of jumpscares" that's not true lol

Luny & Milky says:

That crazy Stephen x')

Andrea Pareti says:

I think that for Pennywise, drawn by fear, to appear in the bathroom made sense, because the girl was as scared as she could be! It's like, there was so much fear that Pennywise was "allowed" to appear fully out of the sewers.

But, yeah, I agree that the fact that it didn't eat her right on the spot was a bit off, even though they spinned it in a cool way, making her the hook to make all the others come to the sewers, considering they were divided, otherwise.

Actually, there's a few moments were Pennywise pretty much had them and randomly decided "Nope, you need to still be in this, so I'll let you go". I don't know, kind of took me out of the movie at times, now that I think about it.

Still a great movie, though.

History Muse says:

They didn't do a disease we would fear, like Ebola, because the movie is set in the 1980s. I can't think of anything major that we fear that was really a big thing in the 80s, at least not something that is visually obvious

Tee Lee says:

correction. not everyone is scared of clowns

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