Stardust (2020) Trailer Reaction #Stardust #TrailerReaction

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Kevin Dobson says:

Can you please react to David Bowie epic masterpiece song called Blackstar

Chris Meadows says:

This movie is gonna be trash. That's absolutely certain.

I think you guys really would like David's music. You'd definitely be surprised. He's got some albums that really paved the way for music you seem to listen to. If you like r&b, funk, ambient, drum and bass, and some really hip-hop centric stuff (which I'm guessing from the outro you definitely do), check out the albums Station to Station, Low, Lodger, Never Let Me Down, Black Tie White Noise, 1. Outside, Earthling, and Blackstar. He's not just a rock guy, although this film is about his glam rock era. These albums are all great listens for people who lean more towards the non-rock.

Anyway, great reaction!

ajin vs says:

Please react to thani oruvan movie trailer

ajin vs says:

Please react to dhoom 3 trailer bollywood

ajin vs says:

Please react to 9 Malayalam movie trailer

ajin vs says:

Please react 7 aum arivu movie trailer

Yogesh Yelewad says:

Please react on 'YRK- yuva ranadheera kanteerava' movie launch video.
It is like a teaser a launch of a upcoming movie.

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