Star Wars Tie Fighter Anime by Paul Johnson

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Star Wars version of Japanese anime, it gives Tie Fighter, a very successful short film directed by Paul Johnson. . Paul Johnson spent four years working on an animated version of Star Wars. The stunning result is a short film titled seven minutes Tie Fighter. The mini-movie is inspired by the video Tie Fighter game released in 1994 and published by LucasArts. Johnson has revisited the world of space combat and adapt them to the style of Japanese cartoons of the 80 explosions, red and green lasers, and even stromtroopers R2D2, everything is there. There is no dialogue, just the Zak Rahman guitar solos that punctuate perfectly the images. Everything is shown from the perspective of the Empire and its drivers which is shown for both the face and which are made of this humanized.



mir kim says:

The empire is great but the rebels are strong even in spirit, no mater the numbers and technology the rebels has skills and great movement in space With the new X-Wing fighter the rebels is stronger then the New order and Empire. also i hope you can make a rebel version Anime.

Richard Keshane says:

Never have I seen star wars so good before!!! like damn!

Mike Honcho says:

this is great very Star Blazers

Robert Wagman says:

This is how Episode 7 should have been…

Norliza Harun says:

where all of thos2 mon calamari ship (rebel capital ship)

TheNVSK says:

Way better than the Force Awakens..

David says:

OK, who is this "Paul Johnson" and why haven't I heard about him before???

Cade Spencer says:

Did you make this?

Cade Spencer says:

What was with the shuttle cockpit

Metro Cop says:

Cool vid but the imperial forces had no female recruits.

Gravefox says:

it feels like Star Wars meets Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Lance Harker says:

This reminds me of the animation in Heavy Metal

Rohan says:

This is a reupload, the original one is on his channel

Hunter Jarrett says:

I hate all of the eye closeups, the see through mask sections, and the music. Didn't fit in with an american film franchise at all.

GrievingArc says:

This is phenomenal!!! i would watch an entire series done in this style! well done!!

Falcon says:

Wow. This is sick. Reminds me a lot of G1 Transformers, actually.

Сергей Лысов says:

Нет слов, очень круто!

DarthBalrogTV says:

Better than The Force Awakens.

Michael Clickard says:

This might have been part of the Star Wars radio drama for The Empire Strikes Back, if the audio from the first episode of the radio drama would've been used 'cause it makes a lot more sense for the animation to go by the movie's plot, including the radio drama and the game this was based off of. Would anyone agree?

Balian237 says:

You sir deserve a medal ?

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