Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer review

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The first trailer for the NEW Star Wars movie has hit the internet! Let’s fanboy out and talk about what we saw. Jeremy talks about the trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”!

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Nathan Fisk says:

Maaan, I hate Lando

Flynn Nolen says:

Is it me, or does Jeremy looks like David Tennant in this vid…?

PhilFromSchool says:

why does everyone want to go back to jakkuine!?

also you called it with serkis. good job. you have a talent for this stuff haha

Just a cool adventure says:

it wasn't tattoine

popcrnshower says:

"Im a big star wars fan" (hates the prequels)

The Nerd Who Loves Entertainment GMJ says:

0:01 Holy shit it's happening.

Purefoldnz says:

Boy was he in for a disappointment when the film came out.

Mauricio Rodriguez says:

That tie sound tho xD

Nicholas Canevit says:

4:21 Tie sound effect, you're. Welcome☺

Eli Tube says:

Pretty good catch on possibility of Andy Serkis now that we know its smoke.

Eyram Drah says:

This is still one of my favorite trailers. The shot of Kylo igniting his lightsaber still gives me chills

Rohit Sonawane says:


toxic gamer says:

"ummm attualy it wasnt tattaoeine" ??

that guy Matrix says:

Who else thought the thumbnail was Jeremy with his thumb down

James Salmons says:

Retrospective not cumberbatch and not tatooine

Terrible Claw says:

Dude, Jeremy. You make THE best raw star wars sound effects with your own mouth. Call Kathleen Kennedy, NOW!

LCAV Productions says:

4:22 oh yo I'm dying.

LCAV Productions says:

3:00 Han Solo thought the same thing….

couldn't resist.

robk1990 says:

Wow in the previous video Jeremy said that we would have a trailer by now if Harrison Ford didn’t break his leg. Looks like Disney and Lucasfilm listened: 3 weeks later we have a trailer!

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