STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS International Trailer Easter Eggs, References & Things You Missed

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Easter Eggs and References from The Force Awakens Japanese International trailer! Easter Eggs! References! So many! Some. #StarWarsJacketSpeculation

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Cumbum Productions says:

0:29 Now I'm hungry for fruit.

Duskull Dreizehn says:

isn't the ship at 1:20 a skyhopper? I think you get to use that ship in star wars rogue squadron 2 (If I remember correctly)

M.H.A says:

I watched Star Wаrs: The Forcе АAwakens full movie hеre STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS Internationаl Trаileеr Eastеr Eggs Referеncсcсes Things Yоu Missеd

Football Maniac says:

New theory, Rey is Darth Jar Jar's daughter or possibly reincarnation lmao

Jason Newell says:

This is some seriously great banter. The narrator consistently busts out saying something that makes total sense but is just a bit unexpected for this kind of video. I'd gladly be friends with this guy.

Also, Firefly was strapping cameras to spaceships way before Interstellar.

Kenny McCormick says:

flash back sound effect flash back sound effect flash back sound effect

Simon Mitchell says:

just re-watched this – you where spot on! with all points apart from the deathstar and r2……mainly because it didn't have enough time to give birth before it was blown up…….

kathy ellis says:

The skywalkers

GucciGaming YT says:

In the old movies Luke's blue light saber got lost. And then he made a green one. In the new Star Wars Luke's light saber that gets handed down and it's a blue saber not green

lerk_ 4872 says:

luke's is rays dad, but Jedi's can't have $ex so like might have cloned somthing

Piggy Playz says:


it's is fin

Liam Gratehouse says:

Why do so many Youtubers put accents on? like, really.

Davian Parish says:

Good movie good movie

Katrina Miranda says:

Its han solo who died

Xekzelstriker says:

Congrats on the right speculation

Todd Hofmann says:

I have not seen this move I want c this move so bad



Glen Alberich says:

Luke skywalker!!!!!!!!!

施政 says:

fuck u man, fuck u son of bitch

tom djs says:

This guy sounds like George from Australia Master Chef

Alessandro says:

Sorry if you don't know but… HAN SOLO DIES!!!!! Lol

TheCravia says:

iler Easter

Zixilify says:

dude u got the fin one right!he just got injured and rheye is holding him

That_Awkward_Nerd 1 says:

Do or do not, there is no try.

Stephen Leonard says:

In Star Wars the force awakens C-3 PO as a red hand Skywalker but I saw is a want to do things he had a gold one

VoceTyrannis says:

He was fucking spot on

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