Star Wars: The Force And The Fury

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Star Wars fan film: A Jedi crash lands on a barren planet and is pursued by a mysterious Sith who seems to know him. Directed by: Jason Satterlund Cinematography by: Federico Verardi Produced by: Alyssa Roehrenbeck & Deborah Smith Storyboards by: AJ Juson Starring: Aris Juson (

Deborah Smith (

“I must tip my hat to the extremely talented and resourceful team over at Big Puddle Films for producing such a stellar short film titled Star Wars: The Force and the Fury.” – The Mary Sue “In a sea of mediocre fan films, Satterlund’s latest project stands out from the rest for what it does right. It is filled with high-quality production design, excellent cinematography, great fight choreography and impressive music that hits the Star Wars tone.” – Stand By 4 Story “I recommend the Force and The Fury. It is a wonderfully executed thriller and is a great addition to the fanfilm community. ” – The Snark Side of The Force “The film is a strong addition to films that embrace representation, with Smith’s powerful and nuanced portrayal of a female Sith. Satterlund created a character that turns common Star Wars rules on its head by making the villain a female, something that has only been done previously on a small scale.” – Black Girl Nerds


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