Star Wars: Squadrons – New Gameplay exclusive!

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Thank you to EA for the hands on preview!

Editing by the best cow:
#StarWarsSquadrons #PresentedbyEAGameChangers

Grant Newman – Clockmaster’s Magic Pendulum
Brightarm Orchestra – True Avidity
Golliwog’s Cakewalk – Children’s Corner, L. 113 VI
Grant Newman – Last March Of Heroes
Claude Signet – Shopping Spree Galore
Arylide Fields – Sudden Signs From Above
Kikoru – Catch Me Later
Brightarm Orchestra – Multiverse
Grant Newman – The Battle Of The Nile
Grant Newman – Villain versus Young Hero
Grant Newman – The Kingdom Of Nature
Jo Wandrini – Dragon King

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helloitskolo says:

What do you guys think? Let me know!
I didn't say it in the video but THE SOUNDS ARE GREAT you can hear stuff clunking in your cockpit its marvellous.
Also, here's the alternate thumbnail for this video:


Support gameplay is so hard to find! Thank you for playing it! I'm super excited to play that class as I am a huge fan of support role. Also the tie reaper is so far my favorite tie model! Definitely got a sub from me. Hope you make more vids! Also how we get in the same lobby one day. SUPPORT SQUAD FOR THE WIN!

Tophymaster says:

Mara Jade??

Reich van Deventer says:

You remind me of a girl I had a crush on in High school. She had fiery red hair, a great sense of humour and she had the most beautiful smile.

Dan Ford says:

Have you ever considered trying DCS world helloitskolo ?

Ironclad Nomad says:

Uh… two words.

Mara Jade.

Hitler Parodies BRB says:

It is a lesser known that she is Cal's sister.
They are the only force-sensitive gingers in the galaxy.

John Sayers says:

I'm.done.with EA how long will this game last 2 years then.not support I'm.done there money grabbers

keenian 61 says:

You're a wonderful girl….. i'm fall in love with you! 🙁

HistoricKeeper says:

Nice Video But big No on the game EA never gonna get my cash.

Joseph Formosa says:

Love your video, you looks so awesome. Hugs from Australia

Caio Costa says:

I don't even intend on playing that game but your sheer excitement about it got me hooked.

Pal Csoke says:

This is sooooo entertaininggg! 😀

賢治 says:

Awesomeness! 👍❤️

ninjelephant says:

What is she saying? Hotas support? whats that haha

Whiskey Earned says:

You look like you should be in Game of Thrones.

Cat and Six Gaming! says:

I would like to thank you for your video. You showed so much more that the rest of the Game Changers. You were also not afraid to show your deaths. Watching the rest of the videos you would think they never crashed or got shot down. Great work! – Six

Joaquin Phi says:

I only passed by to see her eyes. But to be honest the game looks nice.

Stick Bug says:

isn't this the gal that got emotional after visiting Sol in Elite Dangerous?

Lazarus Zoolander says:

I'm really worried EA is going to screw this up like all their other modern games. This looks so far to be the best SW pilot game sense Tie Fighter. I hope I'm wrong, I really do.

Lazarus Zoolander says:

OMG I love red heads!

Gaderath2781 says:

I glad it is not just me who sucks horrifically with a console controller……cannot wait for launch any my glorious HOTAS+Pedals support 🙂

bh069me1 says:

Red hair..likes video games..accent..gorgeous…im in love…yep.

GeertKarelHD says:

You look like Annalise Basso from the Netflix serie Snowpiercer

Gmo says:

Look it's Mara Jade!!

Valery Alenine says:

I hope we can play in 3rd person…

Tigerr4Ruler says:

Thnx alot for this first peek at the game, you clearly put alot of effort in and the editing is on-point. I am still hesistant as it is EA and they usually f'# up royally. I love that you try to point out options for minorities (color-blind mode, text to speech) etc. Also the controller situation and plans. I have at least a spark of hope that they do not do a Battlefront II disaster again.

bkstacker 247 says:

Your voice makes me very sleepy

Czecher86 says:

terrible arcade for kids.. i mean consoles.

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