Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Jeremy’s Review

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Spoiler sections clearly warned and marked. 🙂 And yes, I was slightly buzzed from the wine while making AND editing this. Cause I like to party.

Overall I liked it a lot, though it has some frustrating issues. Solid foundation for a new SW trilogy.


dearscotty says:

good call on the "I'm your parent" scene not popping up in ep 8

Lus _ says:

The one thing I realized is the first order had every part of the map except the one R2 had so why didn't they search there?

Richard Knab says:

The Last Jedi review?

Bennett Silverstein says:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on last Jedi

Lego vs. Minecraft says:

I love this review.
I loved watching someone talking positively about TFA without sounding like a fanboy,
and I loved listening to an opinion I don't agree with (The similarities to the OT really bothered me from enjoying it) and not feel like I have to argue.

Charlie Gordan says:

last jedi please

Mattijs van Maaren says:

Mark my words, Jeremy is 100% right on judging TFA on episode 8, words to the wise.

David Applegate says:

Another gushing fan boy fawning over Mary Sue.

Newbs of the Internet says:

Bearded Jeremy is best Jeremy.

Tim Meredith says:

Why did you, Jeremy, actual fan of cinema, like this movie this much? I mean, sure, it's pretty good, but you're the one so concerned with the lack of originality in Hollywood. This one had none. None.

GeekyFanGirl StarWarsHistoryMusicTravelECT says:

I love cinema sins and your Star Wars ones are my favorites. Will we have one on Rogue One soon?

Ricky Ryan says:

Jeremy isn't giving me a lapdance in this scene. DING

Katy Jones says:

This is the first time I've seen his face. It's fucking me up.

deadpool 123 says:

My favorite scene is when what is the name the villain gets mad and finds out ray Escape her sell and he gets mad and the Stormtroopers walk away when they see him getting mad

Gaurab Chatterjee says:

I can't believe you actually approved of this complete shitpile of a movie. Sellout. Cinema sins won't be the same for me anymore.


(like you give a shit …. but hey, this is the youtube comments so I'll say it dammit)

ƓєηєяαƖ Ɛccнι says:

Sneeze combo

TheJuaxo says:

Its rey kenobi. who else used jedi mind trick. 2nd it could be rey gon gin… mind fk lel

That Panda Kid says:


LoneDragon says:

Did the studio suck your dick? 2 minutes and change in and I can't finish the video: Garbage opinion is garbage.

buddyboyn says:

Where dost thau get thy music for background stoofs?

Roo Wilcox says:

7 sneezes geez man pull out

Hexi says:

Force-sensitivity doesn't require either of your parents being force-sensitive, it can skip several generations or manifest randomly. Her parents could have been no-ones from nowhere.

Zig Schmidt says:

There needs to be more of these

Zhargida Beoulve says:

Yeah, Kylo Ren will get more powerful…until, hopefully, Luke gets wise and starts beating the shit out of everyone 'cause he's one bad moetherfucker.

Josh Chen says:

Hey Jeremy, I think you should watch "STARWARS Rogue One"!!! Do a video on it Everything Wrong with Rogue One

ADHDgaming _8 says:

Well Carrie fisher is dead now so you don't have to worry about that anymore. Also I can see all the apples behind you right now

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