Split – Movie Review

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Proving that there is no stopping the Night, M. Night Shyamalan brings us his newest thriller. Can he make a comeback? Here’s my review of “Split”!

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Reshad Abd says:

The stupid part in this movie was the hostage girl was talking to the zoo keeper, he acted like it is on the internet and no one knows where the call is coming from, dude you know who has that wireless device, you hear a girls voice, you should investigate and call the cops.

Ramza says:

No comment about that ending?

Alcatraz Gaming says:

this is the only movie i verbally shouted "Ohh shit" when i saw the plot twist in the theater

Heather Dale says:

For my part, this movie was pure Awesomtacular…tho do agree some of the surrounding cast was lacking, even so, the execution overall = pure genius

Darrius James says:

Can i kiss you?”i think you’re pregnant now” lol I promise qouted that wrong but lol my god that was funny.

Josh Adams says:

The flashbacks were my favourite parts of the movie for me

isabel reyes says:

This movie was trash tbh idk what the fuck you’re talking about.

Unboxing Deutschland says:

Tolles Video gefällt uns, echt top ? Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei würden uns freuen. Like hast du aufjedenfall ?

Chris Corley says:

Great freak'n low budget movie. Great cast. Good psychological thriller and horror drama. Nice to see what PG-13 can push extremely well. Loved it. ?

Remmi Mundeling says:

Why is this one not on the Best of 2017 list!!! Get out aint got nothing on this bitch! But then again i live in Europe so this topic that is so relevent for you amaricans right know dont interest me one bit. I saw 12 years a slave and niceville and between those i got my racism topic fix that will last at least 8 years.

Smile JEM says:

I felt like the movie was overrated

4e4i says:

The ending got me gasping …

okir rama says:

Why there's no spoiler???

Joseph Taylor says:

Just got done watching this movie. And… Just wow. I mean, why does M. Night get so much hate? I saw The Happening when it came out in theaters. No, it wasn't good. But whatever. I got a refund. Moved on with my life. I saw his movie Signs when I was 14. Scared the shit out of me. Rewatched it now almost 10 years later and I appreciate it for what it is. I thought it was a good film. (I even loved the twist of Evil ((is that it? The elevator movie)) because.. fuck! I just wasn't expecting it!) Idk what it is about his movies that make everyone groan. Or reviewers on YouTube putz around a real or true opion because "better be careful what I say some people hate M. Night and might disagree!" Screw that. This was a great movie. M. Night or not, I would of still loved this movie. Get the hell over the stigma. No, he's not Spielberg. You know who is? Spielberg. He's M. Night. Imagine him directing Shaving Ryans Privates (I think that was the title) could you see it? Okay end of rant.

Patrick Innocent says:

I have to disagree with the flashback comments. At first im like ok its like she is retreating mentally by recounting her child hood since she is in the predicament to cope. Then u see more and more then it just went off like a light bulb why she was so calm when they first got taken. Those flashbacks were needed. Granted yea M. Knight could of started off with her backstory in the beginning to make it less jarring then fast forward to where she was at the start of the film but I did mind the flashback option.

Other then that yea I liked the film. Stick to it M. Knight. This is what u do best.

MrNoelJMIS says:

I don’t think it needs the tie in with unbreakable. It doesn’t even make sense really. I would’ve rather just stayed focused on the 23 fighting with the beast or something. I actually thought the other two girls wear extensions of the main girl… Like a superior DID kidnapped one with less personalities. Please don’t drag Bruce Willis back onto the screen for a movie that we will all hate!

EpicSheepGamer says:

Why is it that I am almost always the odd one out on some "good" movies? So many people said that this and "Don't Breathe" is excellent, but I just didn't feel the same about any of these two movies.

I felt that James did a GREAT job and absolutely carried this film. Without him this movie might have flopped. I also like the general premise, but where this film absolutely lost me is at the slow pace and I did not like the twist. A BIT OF A SPOILER: I felt a bit off about the beast. I would have been fine with the beast just being a super psycho cannibal human identity, but the problem is: He actually turned into a f*cking beast (the beast kind of looked like Bautista's character from Guardians of the Galaxy under a certain light).
This Twist kind of undermined the movie's theme and immersion value for me.

As I mentioned above, this movie has a slow pace and it can get a bit tedious, especially for me. It was also not really that scary, but it was a bit unnerving at some points (thanks to James doing such a great job).

Does anyone feel the same?

Sparkz Mentalz says:

I liked Unbreakable. It would be cool to see David Dunn and The Beast collide.

/AmpedCottam/ says:

had to stop watching due to this guys hands robbing all of my attention jesus fucking christ his hands are like a fucking entity

Evan Nixon says:

i hate the beast

mohammad kako says:

First of all thanks for the amazing review about split but very interesting in seeing the next interview about the next film GLASS

Potato Masher says:

Why no spoiler talk for this movie?

Richard Tompkins says:

I see Shyamalan can be a bit showy too at the end…yeah he's back in form

Mitch Connor says:

You really didn't understand this movie ?

Ben McDonald says:

Tbh, I don't get the hate towards M. Night Shaymalan, sure he's had a few missteps but for me, the only movie of his I flat out hated was After Earth, Last Airbender was a bad movie yes, but as someone who wasn't even a fan of the original source material I guess it didn't anger me as much as most people, and sidenote since I hear it a lot, this 1 movie isn't enough to warrant giving him the Worst Director Ever label, sorry Avatar fans but it's not. The Happening is of course laughable, Lady In The Water I found ambitious but still not good, The Village I actually think is ok, and I think Spilt, The Visit, Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense and Signs are all great movies. So it really confuses me when I constantly hear people say "Shaymalan is 1 of the worst directors ever!" Cause when you actually sit down and look at his filmography it's really not bad. I feel like Shaymalan ended up getting stuck with this image because so many people jumped on him and attacked him in his earlier days and spread all this negativity about him like gossip. Now sadly he's an easy target for a lot of shit talkers. The best way I can describe Shaymalan's name now is Fantastic Four (2015) It's not even half as bad as people built it up to be

Internet Vigilante says:

This movie sucked so fucking much. The directing, the acting, fucking everything.

SoulBrandt says:

Those flashbacks are important, without the flashbacks the ending would've made no sense.

powerwegy says:

Onslaught is coming…

Jillian Brunelli says:

"the happening" is the lamest movie i have ever seen.

Hieillua says:

I totally don't agree with the critique on the Flashbacks and it being a slow burn.

First of all. The flashbacks were there to develop the female lead. To show us WHY she was such a problem child at school and how she always was in a prison because of the abuse from her uncle. She escaped ''Kevin's'' grasp at the end only to go back to her other prison. Without the flashbacks we wouldn't know she was being abused. That also ties into her scars and Kevin seeing how she was ''pure''. That all tied together with the flashbacks. They weren't just flashbacks for the sake of flashbacks.

I also didn't feel it was a slowburn. The pace was actually good. I never felt like it was going on too long. When I started the movie last night I actually wanted to watch just the first hour and save the other hour for today because I had to wake up early. However, that didn't happen because the movie took a hold of me and wouldn't let go. I never felt like stopping during a slower part of the movie. It felt like time flew while I was watching it.

This movie was very solid. My only gripes with it was the jarring M. Night cameo and some of the weak supporting performances like the psychologist.

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