SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Breakdown! Endgame Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer! Iron Man & Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs! How will Spider-Man Far From Home connect to Avengers Endgame? How old is Peter Parker in Far From Home, and how old are all of his classmates after the Endgame time jump? Erik Voss breaks down this new Spiderman trailer shot by shot to explain the Endgame and Far From Home timeline. What does Peter Parker mean by the "Multiverse," and why does Nick Fury say Thanos' snap tore a hole in their dimension? Is Quentin Beck / Mysterio LYING about being from an alternate universe? Who is the real villain of Spider-Man Far From Home? Could Tony Stark make a cameo in Far From Home?

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Parker Myers AKA The dumb kid says:

All 3 snaps

Dan J says:

I don't think he's lying about the multiverse or about being from the multiverse – what he's lying about is his intentions.

Lourdes David says:

I don't think Quentin Beck is lying. I just think, in his universe, he wasn't portrayed as a 'hero' and saw an opportunity in this universe and tried to take it so that he could become this 'hero' he'd originally wanted to be.

Z Dawg says:

It seems as if Peter is more down about Stark passing, than his own uncle.

Jonathan Santiago says:

I say, Beck is telling the truth about where he is from, but not who he is on his earth. And actually fled his earth, to pretend to be a hero on another earth. Or ended up on this one by mistake, and using that as an opportunity to reinvent himself, to people who dont know him.

Simran Sandhar says:

you can't park that here lmao…. you are so funny Eric.

Dominique Salazar says:

He used the stones to destroy the stones

Dennis Sarate says:

Well the web grenades put in Spiderman homecoming

Somerandom says:

The thing is of peter's classmates that get snapped we care that 5 of them did (including peter), this is actually more likely Thor, Hulk, Captain america, Ironman, Antman and Captain Marvel didn't get snapped.

Mike Wilmo says:

The reason the avengers building is under construction is because the building in that spot in real life is under construction. I still think something is happening in the MCU, though.

Yahir Avitia says:

I don’t know if this is already a theory

Yahir Avitia says:

What if Friday or Karen become ultron’s wife or lover I can’t remember witch one


there was four snaps. three of them was on earth

Lucy Benson says:

he has these awesome web grenades…..


Iron Man says:

I think he is from the multi verse but he’s not a hero he’s a villain lying to try and take the world

jacob nelson says:

Who is the evolutionary?

J & K Pinder says:

peter changes suits soooooooo much

deborah Kidd says:

Not the thanos

deborah Kidd says:

Or the hulk

Rongie Faustino says:

Multiverse is real. The Elementals are a lie.

Yoboi Sweezy says:

I think Iron Man’s snap because he dusted away something not from the present

Gabriel Lockwood says:

When's "Thane" showing up in the MCU?…

Where's Shocker/Electro?????…..
That's an Elemental for the group 4.

Cr31g And JensenTB90 says:

If mysterio isn’t lying then the multiverse could introduce X-men and fantastic four?

Khyte says:

But they said Stan Lee's final cameo is gonna be in Endgame right?

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