Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoiler Review!

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Spider-Man: Homecoming review. There will be spoilers!

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ScreenJunkies News says:

Here is our original Spider-Man: Homecoming review where we talk more about the plot/characters and what we loved:

Johnnie Johnson says:

I wanted Vulture to win…

Puneet Singh says:

Guys reviews include the Goods and the Bads.. This was simply SPOILER Gripes. You talked about 1 good thing and 20 bad things. A review, even the spoiler one, needs to be balanced. This makes it seems that you hated the movie with good parts. However much you say that you liked it.

tigereyez01 says:

Well he was fighting the vulture in the beginning acts because he's a kid. He sees things as black and white, so if he's stealing weapons he is a bad guy and deserves to be arrested. Plus he wants to prove himself.

NXTLv _Maniac says:

I'm not gonna lie. I didn't see that coming either

Jay Moskowitz says:

Thank you for noticing nacho from better call Saul

Jillian Blancada says:

Regarding MJ, I'm thinking they're flipping the norm relationship between her and Peter. Next movie will show her side and how much she is actually crushing on Peter the WHOLE time. THAT's why Feige says she isn't Mary Jane as we know her. Think about it.. who sits in detention just cuz.. she clearly wanted to be around Peter. Sits near Peter at lunch, and is obsessed to the point where she knows he dropped band, etc. She'll probably find out he's Spidey by way of following him around lol, then their friendship will blossom.

Dean C. says:

That movie sucked. Watch Spider-man with Tobey MaGuire its way better. Yes, he wasn't a teenager when he made the movie, but nether was Tom Holland.

Jason Halstead says:

I disagree about the Donald Glover character. It's the same as Jeremy Renner being Hawkeye in Thor. Did that scene need to be in the movie? No. Did that character need to be Hawkeye? No. But I really enjoy going back and seeing that he was already Hawkeye and that they already had that in place, as opposed to having to recast the role going forward when they decide to expand the character role.

MrKnifeart says:

this Spiderman was horrible and annoying (unless I was 9 years old)

Matthew Reinhard says:

I saw this when I heard about Chester Benningtons death. I was not impressed with the movie. I just liked the vulture. I'm more of a comic reader of Spider-Man. I guess I just don't like Tom Holland.

Buck Rogers says:

Whatever you said in the reviews were some of the reasons the box office plummet 63%+ in the second week.

Shane Graham Mahon says:

Why does Spoiler Review = all negative review? Usually love the spoiler reviews, but this was an awesome movie that you say you loved, yet all you guys do in this review is nit pick the tiny things you didnt like.
Very disappointing.

KherMoon says:

As an average viewer, not deep into the marvel universe, I didn't get all the set ups, just the obvious ones hahah So it didn't distract me, I thought the movie was rightly focused on itself, with all the Avengers very well integrated into the plot. And man I love Tom Holland ??? (and whether or not Zendaya is a version of Mary Jane, she's obviously going to be the love interest eventually… I mean through the press tour they barely pay attention to the girl who was the actual love interest in this movie, and real or not, they're really pushing the Zendaya/Tom thing…) anyway great movie!!!!

Fidoe Kicker says:


Tim Carter says:

Didn't care that Glover was barely in it, I enjoyed his role, short as it was. Same with MJ. You could say she was pointless too.

Casually Challenged says:

Why is it everyone says this or that actor is "wasted" in a particular role? People keep saying that of Donald Glover in this movie and people said that of Idris Elba in Star Trek Beyond, but let me ask you this, have you taken into account what the ACTOR thinks of their role? Ever notice that both of those actors in specific take unique and interesting roles and you always remember them even if they are covered in makeup or have a smaller part to play? Have you noticed that these actors (these two specifically, but it can apply to a more general group of actors that get the same implications applied to them) tend to say yes to a lot of roles that are smaller or different? Maybe THEY are fine and think these roles are important? I am just sick of hearing all the people that critique movies talk about how these actors are "underutilized" or "used wrong" when clearly the actors seem to be okay with it…

theoweemaster Hoppe says:

You guys forgot the subtle reference to Uncle Ben!!!!

Elizabeth Espinoza says:

Donald Glover was stated as a cameo from the beginning, to then also add the layer of an important character for the future of this franchise and for Miles Morales was pretty impressive on my opinion.

RandommNinja says:

It feels like they don't much in the way of real criticisms, just things that they liked or disliked because of their personal preference. Such as the idea of setups for later story lines or "world building". Not sure why it is a problem that narratives exist beyond a single film. Also seems like complexity and subtlety is completely lost on them, such as their position that Vulture's "every man" perspective was only brought in at the end when it was clearly woven throughout the movie for both Vulture and Peter.

RedVIII says:

I just hated the MJ "reveal". It was just dumb. If she is a completely different character, why call her MJ? It just felt forced. She was nothing like Mary Jane. So they will either change her character completely in the second movie (which would be dumb) or they stick with a different character also called MJ, but then why call her MJ to begin with. It's just dumb.

Yahir Barrera says:

how come Dan is always thinking I'm so hard to please, movie please me, I dare you, I recognize this guy knows a lot about movies, but that same knowledge makes him unbearable cuz he lthinks he's smarter than the movie he reviews.

sincerestfall says:

Michelle ≠ MJ

SWizz871 says:

The Prowler will not be a villain. He'll use the tech but he helps Spiderman in the comics. Mark my words

Ronald Novak says:

I think MJ is great. She is 14 years old. You see that she actually likes Peter. It can't an adult love. They are still just kids. MJ character is going to grow over the movies as is Peter Parker. I don't understand why you don't get that.

aisha b says:

wow… I love SJ, but man – I can't even list all of the things that bothered me throughout this "Review"… as many guys in the comments already said – it's more like "Nitpick" than a review…
holy crap… as someone who doesn't read comics and someone who just LOVES superhero movies (because they're awesome) I have to tell you that this "review" is totally unfair and absolutely painful to watch… I don't care that MJ is not Mary Jane (so what?), I don't care that Donald Glover wasn't more in the movie (nothing personal Don, you're great) and I couldn't care less how many "teases" for the upcoming movies were in this movie!!! why would anyone ever?? all you two did throughout almost 24 min was nitpicking absolutely irrelevant stuff to the story and the movie itself!! you were bothered by everything else that may or may not be relevant later instead of focusing on the movie itself!!! wth?? who cares about later?? we'll wait and see, no?

please forgive me for stating my opinions on this so bluntly – I'm sure I'll regret this soon as people start commenting, but as someone who is not aware of the comic book universe and though not biased by knowing and expecting it to be copy+paste to it, this was a truly great great movie – very well written and directed and acted, where Tom Holland is just perfect for the role and it's easily my favorite Spider-Man (sorry 90's animated Spidey!)…

I apologize in advance to everyone reading this and disagreeing with me, but I felt like someone had to defend the movie, because it really is great and this "review" didn't show it at all…

that's my review of this review – 1/10 (1 point for telling people to go see it – although it didn't really seem convincing)

Kuba Franczuk says:

No comment about Shocker?

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