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Spider-man Homecoming has deleted scenes apparently. Here are some of them. One has Iron Man. One has Vulture. Others also.

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Brett Salazar says:

I’m gonna get shit for this but it was missing a flash Thompson

Seven Harrison says:

I like you Ben

ScarletFlame256 EA2 says:

3:42 really the amazing Spider-Man

Bob Juarez says:

I want to see that aunt may action scene, someone help me find it

Dick Diamond says:

did u play the Spider-man theme on a recorder?! i'm building you a damn statue

Rohit Prabhakaran says:

Fucking annoying

Sam Worrall says:

more ben please looool

Roysul Saputra says:

dude, seriously?

potlovingchef14 says:

Hot may is definitely a welcome change from grandma "aunt"
Flash tomson nerd no
The iron siri no
I really like the movie besides that

Julian Wang says:

The thing Vulture is flying down in looks like the D in the Spider-Man Homecoming title.

JManWag says:

hmm i actually stayed in that hotel right after that scene was filmed. i barley missed it. just barley.

Paradox 2007 says:

3:51 he has an infinity gauntlet

Dargonball Radiant says:

1:25 well actually that's incorrect the last time we saw Nick was in agent of shield

Hamel Barrós says:

Fucking fake title!

Curtis Belk says:

I,love this Video.

Pug Life says:

Who else LOVED spiderman homecoming and is gonna by it when it's out on DVD

Mad Dryst says:

Deleted scenes video without Deleted scenes.This video f*cking bullsh*t men.?

TheRival says:

It's not Liz Allen… SPOILERS:
She's Liz Toomes… fucking made her the daughter of the Vulture… Damn BULLSHIT if you ask me.

Sabine Ro says:

I'm so glad there was no kissing scene. It would have felt a bit forced. Like "Hey, we need a kissing scene. Where could we put it?"

AFCvoltage says:

Spider-Man Homecoming is really a 4th ironman

ncourage says:

Maybe they did the kissing scenes to remind Tom Holland that he's a teenager in this movie. And is.

Arkham Vader says:

You just killed my life model decoy ?

Charles Malone says:

( | ) butt!

T SMACKS says:

movie is trash.

Soggy Bamboo says:

There was a deleted scene you didn't show. So when the people are robbing the bank spiderman said " who why are the avengers robbing a bank" then spiderman said in the trailer " wait you guys aren't they avengers, Hulk gives it away" but that was deleted from the movie

Sanic The Headshot says:


idkk // says:

love your accent man

Ray says:

NOBODY IS MENTIONING THE NBA FINALS PARTY. or was that a promotion. it shouldve been in

Nonya Business says:

Purple people eater

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