Spider-Man: Far From Home Will Introduce Venom To The MCU

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A lot of clues are pointing to Venom and Spider-Man coming together on the big screen once again! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Spider-Man’s MCU contract is coming to an end. Originally, Sony gave Marvel the rights to have Spider-Man for five films. Spider-Man: Far From Home will be number five. Due to this, fans are talking about the possibility of Spider-Man departing the MCU and going back to Sony. Sony are creating their own version of the MCU, the Sony Marvel Universe with the film rights of Marvel characters they still have. However, if a new deal can be agreed, that won’t be the case. In fact, one of Sony’s newer, popular Spider-related characters could move into the MCU as well. That character being Venom.

In the video today, we will be discussing a little history on the Disney and Sony deal on Spider-Man. Such as how it came about and what the deal exactly included. Then, we’ll be looking at how Tom Hardy’s Venom may already exist within the MCU. We also examine the possibility that Venom may be introduced properly in Far From Home. To top all of it off, we’ll be discussing the circumstances of how the symbiote-hero could be brought in to make his MCU debut. From alternate dimensions, to time travel, and Marvel’s expanding cosmic lore, we take a look at a variety of possible avenues. So, stick around and watch as we explore this exciting possibility.

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Hari Paul says:

Lol😁venom wass not there

Jaden Van Hess says:

Probably will get this crossover now, but not in the way we want it to happen :/

Tyler Reeves says:

Oh look I went to see the film and venom wasn’t in the film you big fat liar 🤥

AbiGacha says:

Who else watched spider man far from home before seeing this video?

MCTECH 24 says:

does any one else remember that doctor strange introduced the multiverse in hi solo movie

Spider-Man Is the best says:

No no no venom CUS I SLAP HE DEAD

ALLDocks Kitten says:

I know this hasn’t happened but if they introduce him in the third movie while peter is being portrayed as the bad guy, it would bring high tension and a different tone to an mcu movie which I think we need and it’s with the most light hearted character which would surprise people. Tom Holland is the nicest spider man and most screen accurate hands down, which is why seeing him form with venom and turn him into a darker version of himself would make everything so much more impactful.

Dinah Yisrael says:

Venom comes to the MCU

Izzy says:

I can tell you now
It didn’t happen

Spidey says:

well it didnt

Jason Williams says:

It doesn’t have Venom in spider man far from home

AVFC squared says:

It isnt his last film lol.

Jalil Johnson says:

Wait a minute. I seen this on for

smol natsuki{ddlc/neko/totally not a tsundere} says:

Cough cough mysterio just made that up spoiler cough cough he did that just to be a hero

sonicjr85 sonicjr85YT says:

this is fake i watched dar from home TWICE and venom didnt pop up anywhere

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