Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Breakdown and Comic Con Panel

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Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Breakdown, CCXP Comic Con Panel, Avengers 4 Endgame Explained, New Black Suit, Mysterio and Nick Fury ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my Breakdown of the Spider-Man Far From Home Comic Con Trailer Footage. Lots of Mysterio Backstory details and Nick Fury being Nick Fury. Post all your reactions in the comments! More Avengers Endgame videos coming soon!

Janavi Selvakumar says:

did any body knowticed that someone was wering a mask in the back round

Taco ಠ_ಠ says:

in 1:39 of the trailer there is Prague behind Nick Fury 😉 The statue on the left looks like a statue from the Charles bridge in Prague which they apparently "rented" for one night to shoot some scenes.

Stormix Gaming says:

Pretty sure it wasn't a debate team

Findri Retnani says:

Is a lie… Mysterio create that elemental creature

JB Mall says:

So Jake is an Ally for this movie eyyyyy………

H410pr0 says:

idea. when you get thanos'd you get put in an alternate universe. pow.

Krillin Peck says:

I want the give away

Krillin Peck says:

That means he was still in school

Krillin Peck says:

I think this takes place before infinity war because Peter was on the bus before the black order came

Suraj Verma says:

wtf you told this 1 months before

Bob Marley says:

All of this is happening in the new realm where all of them are now stuck.

Mac-HD says:

Today trailer dropped 1/15/19

Tsunadoriya says:

Great break down video. Jake looks awesome and I can't wait for the film.

MJ W says:

This is so awesome to revisit after watching the trailer.

Carlos Gonzalez says:

At 6:56 is that a indica plant or a sativa? Maybe a hybrid, it looks like it has some crazy buds. #HighSpiderMan

abel says:

The guy that plays Mysterio looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

Aser Rodriguez says:

Basically have away the whole movie

Catestrous Gaming says:

Toby McGuire- SpiderMan
Andrew Garfield- SpiderMan
Tom holland- SPOILER man…

Aweshniap says:

So mysterieo is syndrome

APS Productions says:

So this was fucking true rip

Will Daniels says:

I just remember Jake in Nightcrawler and how devious and smoothly deceptive he was while still mainining the charisma of the main lead. I expect those aspects. Normal intentions, evil actions, that then start a wheel of evil intentions for his gain.

Diego Cordova says:

Its the stealth suit from Spiderman game

Raymel peoples says:

spider man i don't feel so good

Michael Speding says:

Its a Ferris wheel not  a carousel!

1x.ACES.x1 gaming says:

So why wouldn’t mysterio be in avengers 4?

No Colour says:

i bet this will be out after infinity war endgame. like if you agree

Maori-Wan Kenobi says:

Mysterio is totally going to betray them… like they just keep telling us "they team up" and he's a good guy..

Chillionx says:

I knew absolutely NOTHING about this until now

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