Spider-Man Far From Home End Credit Scene – Fantastic Four Easter Eggs Breakdown

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Spider-Man Far From Home End Credit Scene, Fantastic Four Easter Eggs Scene Explained. Spider-Man Venom Easter Eggs and Green Goblin Scene ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Spider-Man Far From Home Easter Eggs and Post Credit Scene ► http://bit.ly/2XrUL2F
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Covering Spider-Man Far From Home End Credit Scene Fantastic Four Easter Eggs. Marvel Phase 4, Comic Con 2019 Panel, Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs, Mysterio Multiverse Scene, Doctor Strange Multiverse, Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantum Realm, Venom Spider-Man Easter Egg and Green Goblin Easter Eggs videos coming soon. Happy Comic Con week!

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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my new Spider-Man Far From Home Fantastic Four Easter Eggs video. I'm still working on a couple other cool Easter Egg videos, but there will be a lot of Marvel Phase 4 and other Comic Con Trailers coming really soon. Happy Comic Con Week!

Zack Seal says:

Just want to but this up for discussion…. why didnt captain marvel put the iron man gauntlet considering that she is the strongest avenger? If this would have happened they could have kept the iron man character in the mcu, and ending the contract with robert Downey jr. would have been less significant. I dont think that u could replace him easily but atleast iron man could be a feature in the phase 5 movies.

thejobloshow says:

i'll do a separate video about this easter egg…
i'll do a separate video about this easter egg…
i'll do a separate video about this easter egg…
i'll do a separate video about this easter egg…
your videos are fucking shit, mate.

Izmite says:

Too bad sony took spidey back

Rogers Wilson says:

Appear in another movie like spiderman did to get fan to like the character again after the multiple reboots. Also do like the spiderman homecoming movie and skip the origin story for the fantastic 4.

Smoking Bones says:


bruce burnett says:

The video he'll do about "that"…will end up being….why Spidey wont be in the MCU at all because Sony pulled him back….

hitdawg64 says:

If the sinister 6 is in the next spider man movie I could see them introducing the fantastic 4 as kind of evening the odds. Also spider man and the fantastic 4 were friends or allies almost from the beginning so it would make even more sense.

EKE says:

the video in a nutshell: l'll do a seperate video about that

kitten fun says:

I don't wanna go…

cross gordon says:

Fantastic four and dr doom entered quantum realm in 1960’s/70’s and got stuck there for 50 years in our realm but only 2 days in the quantum realm, that’s how they get their powers like Janet Van dyne

Joe Dirtey says:

The fantastic 4 will probably appear in guardians of the galaxy vol 3 most likely in the end credits

Kimberley Acosta says:

spiderman is awesome

New Era says:

I'm so tired of Fantastic Four😩,they just mess the movie every time they do it. #MYOPINION

Taufiq Othman says:

Far From Home

David Burke says:

It would be Dr. Doom that buys the building (before he becomes Doon) and the 4 on the wall being missing is a bit of a stretch for it to the invisible girl. But like the vid👍.

you say Thaynos I say Thaanos says:

I would love for john krasinski to play Mr. Fantastic!!

bob williams says:

If anyone other than john krasinski is mr fantastic i will be mad now. He is perfect for it.

Riz says:

I thought Tasm 2 had the best web swinging suit wise, the way you can see the suit stretch and ripple will he's swinging

Life of SLy says:

Spider-Man: Homeless
Let me know what you think about that title

Jose Romero says:

Isn’t Daredevil in the MCU? Also Iron Fist right aren’t the Netflix shows, McU? Sorry I’m lost here

Dave Cornette says:

This is my Spiderman comment

gentleman maniac says:

I think the news report at the end credit scene might get the attention of scorpion venom kraven chameleon and green goblin

Sans The Skeleton says:


peter: WHAT THE F-

Matt Martini says:

Jim from the office will not be in the fantastic four… I will not allow it

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