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SPIDER-GWEN Trailer #1 HD | Sabrina Carpenter, Tom Holland




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This is a fan-made trailer. No copyright infringement intended.

As chosen by you guys (thanks to those who voted!), we have a full trailer for Sabrina Carpenter as Spider-Gwen aka Ghost Spider aka Gwen Stacy. Do you think she’ll make a good MCU Gwen?

The thumbnail is an edit made using an image of Sabrina and an awesome cosplayer shot. Check her out here:

Also shoutout to YouTube cosplayers Molly Stewart and Joshua Williams for their fan-made videos.

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Copyright Disclaimer: This video is protected under fair use. It uses brief clippings of existing media to communicate a new concept/idea that fans are able to consume as either celebratory or theoretical commentary on how a film/cinematic universe could look. This is often intended as parody and/or social critique on the typical male hero-trope either by providing light on female heroism in its place or by mimicking action trailer themes. It draws upon existing art to suggest new ventures and/or propose changes to current products.

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