Should You Eat BRAINS? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Do you find the human meals on Hannibal appetizing? But could eating human brains destroy your own? Kyle digs into cannibalism on Because Science.

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Jason Ogas says:

Could you explain how the bat like creatures from the 1982 film Beastmaster ate human beings?

Dante Gaelach says:

I'm not sure if you've done this already, but how much energy would it take to fly an imperial star destroyer from star wars through hyperspace? (or the uss enterprise through warp from star trek, take a pick or both)

Jonathan Thomas says:

Bru bruh how did cows eat another cows brains their vegetarian ?

Mychael May says:

How does the world engine from Man of Steel work?

Theory Query says:

As zombies brains are essentially dead, are they susceptible to this disease as well?

Danny Snitzky says:

Zombies eating brains was started by Return of the Living Dead <3

Storm Sword II says:

I Laughed So Hard At 3:51 I'm dying ??????

Storm Sword II says:

So ur Saying it's important to eat human brains?
Me: mom I want to eat a brain
Eats brain
Watches till end*
Eww yuck WTH DID I JUST ATE!?!?
Becomes Zombie
Me: …

Chance Webster says:

This makes me think of Chaco Chicken.

gshsgfhgsfdz says:

Prion disease, also known as natural selection.

Luis Pineda says:


Mr_FJ says:

If the brain uses 20% of our energy, does that many braindead patients are 20% cheaper to keep alive, for hospitals, than patients that have lost the ability to breathe due to other causes?

Gerry Mander says:

What if you cook the brain or maybe deep fried?

Miles Morrow says:

Have i ever told you how much i appreciate that you write backwards as a profession?

MA1 says:

After hours of research, I just found the first episode that Kyle moves his eyebrows after writing the title!

Ricardo Galindo says:

The prion disease is mentioned in the movie "We Are What We Are" (2013)

Juan Villanueva says:

Kuru is a self defence feature in our brains and body to avoid cannibalism. If we were immune we would be way on the road to extinction.

Anthony Evans says:

Then how do zombies' benefit from eating brains as seen in Return of the Living Dead?

Rodrigo De Armas says:

the dead could be used as food or maybe fuel? or maybe at the very least used as compost, if we planted a tree on top of every buried body we could solve deforestation, why not return in death what you took in life, and you get to create new life, instead of it being wasted in a cemetery.

Derek Skarb says:

But is it alright to eat other parts of the body
Can you eat human flesh, fresh and raw, and not get sick
Aaand to end the morbid curiosity questions
Does how the subject dies effect the overall taste of the flesh like in cases of deer and veal

Jakub Mike says:

Do you like long pig?

CherryPlop Artists Art says:

The only zombie movie I've watched is like the first 30 mins of World War Z and Resident of Evil all the movies besides 2016 – 2017

I read the first manga chapter of Resident of Evil too

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