September’s Monthly Patreon Q&A

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September’s Monthly Patreon Q&A

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Wizz Freely says:

You sir are the best reviewer of movies on YB.

Umbrella Ops says:

You’ve been my favorite part of YouTube for a long time. Keep it up man.

irish91ify says:

Hi Oliver. Are you going to do a retrospective on any of the Rocky films (including Rocky Balboa and Creed) and are you and the lads going to do commentaries on the Back to the Future films?

David Coles says:

Got I remember editing VHS. The stuff of nightmares!

Daniel Williamson says:

How about the X-Men movies?

floex831 says:

+Oliver Harper i’m anxious to hear what you have to say about blade runner 2049, so far it seems to be suffering from the same fate as the first at the box office. performance has been abysmal thus far. we won’t have a solid number until after today but I am surprised not many people are excited about it.

Ramiro Aguirre says:

Since Halloween is around the corner have you ever thought about doing a retrospective on Wes Craven's 'People Under The Stairs'? It is a cult favorite by many and I would love to hear from your perspective.

John Galantini says:

Will the superman IV doc be available for anyone to view, or just for patreon subscribers?

Redleaf Boomer says:

Superman seems way to weak in the supergirl show

Paul Ryan says:

"…who made the fucking thing…" good stuff

Ryan Ange says:

Oliver, your work has REALLY enriched my life these days.

Michael Coffey says:

@Oliver Thank you for all you do. My 2 questions are 1. Would you ever be able to do a John Carpenter special with the gang as I feel he is one of the most underrated and under appreciated Directors of all time. 2. Any chance of a once a month spotlight on favorite music scores and why? All the best thank you again for the time, intelligence and quality.

Mason A says:

Its great to watch a youtuber that appreciates "Somewhere in time" as much as I do!

Stephen InGermany says:

What kind of computer do you use? What specs? I imagine quite powerful for video editing?

Undeadbeat says:

check out the fan edit of Batman V Superman called "Man of Tomorrow". It merges Man of Steel & BvS into a 2.5 hour movie.

CoolBoysBackYard says:

Seen as your not much of Dr Who fan I think actually it will be interested to see an outsiders opinion on it… You'll be going into this like the americans did in 1996, fingers crossed for a commentary.

kaguth says:

Fuck fans getting mad at mispronunciations. What a bunch of crybabies.

DevilsBathtub says:

so glad i found this channel, many hours of binging done.
well done sir

Instruction Space says:

my god I wish I hadn't done a search for Somewhere in Time by John Barry on youtube now.  🙁

Thomas K96 says:

Oilver harper will you ever retrospective & review a Chuck Norris movie? Maybe Hellbound? Or tintin another Spielberg masterpiece. The Last Crusade is the best indiana jones …. The Phantom fan edit is a amazing it like a 40s serial made in the 90s better than the original!

Booshman says:

Bonus points for use of the phrase "Buggers muddle".

pvthitch says:

Please cover 1941 for Christmas!

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