Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town – The Full Movie

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I hope you have a Merry Christmas! 🙂



ZerqTM says:

anyway everyone knows Santa clause was created by the coca cola company based on folklore based art from Scandinavia combined with various pagan traditions and with a tiny sliver of Christianity connected to a saint.

though it's worth noting that the early christian church promised eternal hell-fire to anyone who dared to celebrate by decorating trees (as this was a tradition associated with pagan gods)

the version in this movie is just bizarre… good but bizarre…. except for that horrible felony committed at the start!
i have to down vote it out of principle since it shows little to no respect for the sanctity of private correspondence and the solemn duty to deliver the mail properly and without violation of privacy.

ZerqTM says:


Only people working at dead letter offices may actually open and read other people mail and then for the purpose of discovering where the are meant to go so they can be delivered and it's not something you blab about either! that private correspondences!

that is a horrible horrible mail man! he should be fired immediately then charged criminally and face up to 3 years in jail!
damn criminal scrumbag!

(unless he has specifically been authorized by the recipient to read that mail)

But regardless this is teaching children to behave criminally and commit felonies!!!
if you accidentally read someone else's mail by accident then that is fine just send it onward to it's proper recipient.

The mail must be delivered!

Bella the Magical Girl says:

I remember cuddling with my dog and watching this when I was little. It still brings warmth to my heart to this day. No matter how old you are, this special never fails to bring a smile to your face.

Buddy Paul Wolfie Shaw says:

when i was a kid santa did not come bec i was a bad kid when i got older i did 10 years of time. in my eyes Santa Claus is an out law.

Eric R says:

Dude, stop fucking around with the mail. that's how stuff gets lost or broken.

Kawaii Anime Yuno Gasai says:

who here because of MatPat

Paris EL-Amin says:

2018 -Classic

the Stupid angelos says:

Good bye 🙁

Matthew Perttula says:

I forgot how much I loved Topper.

VanguardAngel says:

22 years old in 2018 and I will never ever not love these films. They’re magical and timeless

Marelfan 8677 says:

Don’t let me see another toy! Or you will feel my boot!

Evie Princess123 says:

35:48 Why does the Children’s crying sound realistic?

mark redmond says:

I'm 57 years old, and i watch this every year.

Alek Splitt says:

S.D. is a bad postman. It’s illegal to open other peoples mail.

Kimberly Young says:

Sombertown looks just like Bergantown from the movie Trolls?

Plainiack says:

I have been B A M B O O Z L E D

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