San Diego Comic Con Sizzle presented by Marvel | Netflix

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A look back at Daredevil and Jessica Jones as we get ready for Luke Cage. All episode of Daredevil and Jessica Jones now streaming on Netflix. Luke Cage premieres on September 30.


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San Diego Comic Con Sizzle presented by Marvel | Netflix


naguleader says:

the good old days when iron fist wasn't a thing

Rejector71 says:

I hope they do it again. This time with Iron Fist into the mix

Adam Tatti says:

To those who say Marvel is just for kids and no one else, try watching these shows and telling me the same thing.

Carlos Toloza says:

A hero live amoung us. They are not above us
That line is Marvel. That represent the characters. Snyder tryed to do that in MoS and BvS and failed because DC characters are OP and Gods and perfect

Jake Kale says:

Here after watching the Iron Fist trailer

Jeremy Wong says:

Anyone know the music?

LilKrazy9292 says:

I need more Punisher!

Jimbo says:

Wasn't ghost rider on the defenders.

Firepopcorn 123 says:

Ironfist will sent Marvel up for straight money (The defenders)

Nick Shaffer says:

Dear god the defenders have my earn my wallet 4 times over

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