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Rosaline___2022 movie __ Rosaline and Dario love story




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Romeo and Juliet’s tragic love story is widely known. Rosaline (Romeo’s ex) is well-known, yet few people are familiar with her tale. Rosaline’s perspective is used to tell the story, and it’s done in a really brilliant, humorous way. Our primary character, played by Kaitlyn Dever, does a good job at portraying herself. Rosaline is outspoken, sardonic, and even a feminist, which is rather rare for this era.
Rosaline continues to be what we always knew her to be. She is Romeo’s girlfriend, but as soon as Juliet enters the scene, she immediately disappears. It’s eye-opening to learn about a completely new viewpoint on the well-known love story. Rosaline’s persona has never been one I respected. She had never before stood out. You’ll feel driven to research Rosaline while you watch. Every narrative has several sides, and it is past time to hear hers.

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