rlm – you leave those children alone, superman

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Phlegm Atic says:

Why do People keep criticising Cavill's superman? He doesn't owe any of you a damn thing. If he wanted, you'd be dead already. Consider this mercy.

GridTV says:

Should've been the evil Superman clone bizarro it would have been cooler and more interesting than the Kryptonian blob we got as a poor excuse for doomsday

Mathy Don says:

RIP Christopher Reeves

Yoo Hoo says:

There is nothing more embarassing that watch RLM discussing movies.

Black Ice says:

The only disappointing thing is in the return of superman in Justice League they didn't give him a mullet, you are going to try to recreate death, you gotta commit to the return mullet

Diogo Neves says:

Instant classic

KounterMaze says:

This ls like a real life moment with me and my bros

Sib Pro Quo says:

When the villain has a better moral code than the hero.

notanameman says:

I don't know who that guy is, but his laughter there appears to be canned

michiel says:

that thing was zod… in away… i don't really see how they missed the part of luthor dragging his body in a kryptonian pool, but yet somehow they did.

stitcha123 says:

Superman was a complete cunt.

Catzilla says:

Yeah but wouldn't it be KEWL if Superman THREW A BUS full of KIDS at Zod!?!?! Because that's what heroes do, right? They smash everyone's stuff and they don't worry about killing innocent bystanders. I mean, yeah the bus is full of KIDS but the point of the scene is not to save the kids lives but to f*ck that bus up!

mwall444 says:

Everything wrong with modern Superman is incapsulated in this clip.

Sizifus says:

The sequel to that film would be about the consequences of Superman throwing that bus filled with children only to be ignored 2 minutes into the film so that Superman can fight and throw TWO buses filled with children.

Gulorful says:

As a fan of Superman, you have no idea how fucking funny this is to me.

Brian C says:

No fan of BvS, but Doomsday was never a compelling character. He's actually more charismatic here than he was in the comic books.

eo says:

"Why didn't they rehash Zod"

Yeah because RLM totally wouldn't tear the movie apart if they actually did that or anything

KMAC says:

No Superman, that bus is filled with children AW FUCK— MY FACE

Brojak says:

New superman in a nutshell

nosferatu5 says:

I love how Mike says "You leave those children alone Zod!" With the manierism and all.

NeedsContent says:

Dont give Zack Snyder any more ideas…

James Minglis says:


clark85 says:

I really think supe's character arc will result in something like reeves'. He is slowly becoming superman. Its only been a year or 2 where he donned the cape. They are actually exploring dealing with how he becomes him instead of waiting 13 years in the fortress of solitude like in the first superman movie.

Khechari says:

No wait, that's Superman….

BlueShit199 says:


bootes says:

im going to eat peoplrr

Rick Berman McCallum says:

Don't these guys know? Superheroes aren't supposed to be heroic anymore, that's so 70s.

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