Rich Evans Gets a Phone Call

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From the Star Wars Holiday Special Best of the Worst.


LegoVideosRock says:

Jay's wheezes are amazing

Elyri says:

Jack is the most annoying and unfunny guy in the world. He just ruins everything that he's in.

Aaron Garcia says:

He gets one phonecall a year

Sara Wilcker says:

The q-tip head guy isn't funny.

Micah Mcgaffin says:

Jack always sucks

Ryan Wood says:

Jacks jumper should say "now I am a baldy, ho ho ho."

imnothere220 says:

What's wrong with you holding a glass?

The Gunslinger says:

I love Mike!

Goofy Goober says:


back to 9/11-

Boomiest Bomb says:

I get one phone call a year, god dammit.

Headrock says:

I get that Rich is still trying to pretend like he's a respectable person to people outside of RedLetterMedia – but they probably all know by now.
Rich, everyone has seen you masturbate a droid. It's over.

ConorChaos says:

It's hardly a round table, Rich..

Esaú Alberto Canto Novelo says:

"now… back to 9/11" it gets me every time.

Dark Turn of Mind says:

I watched this on 9/11 but felt like I couldn't comment till today

TheRealHumanBean says:

You can tell Mike is thinking of the joke and the suspense is building up in him halfway through the call

BlueShit199 says:

You would think an Internet Super Star like Rich Evans is getting calls all the time..

Rigsby 1 says:

Rich Evans is trying to speak to more people than I know…..

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