Review of "The Wolf of Snow Hollow" SPOILER FREE

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Review of Jim Cummings’ new mystery werewolf thriller “The Wolf of Snow Hollow”



Sçøtt Sállëy says:

I watched part of it and it was so cringe I wanted the wolf to kill every actor in it and the directors along with the writers.

Outdoor Addiction Wv says:

just watched. do u think they'll be a sequel because the part where the guy burns the body has no explanation, and I felt like the 1st murder was a guy in a suit but i feel there was a legit werewolf aka the heroin dude

Outdoor Addiction Wv says:

dang my dude, you favor the dude that does the autopsy

Flaim Fitness says:

Looks entertaining . I love this time of year .

Oliver Cooper says:

Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

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