Reminiscence – Official Trailer Music Song (FULL VERSION) 2021 – "Save My Love"

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The Official Trailer Music Song from the Reminiscence – Official Trailer.

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Track Title: Save My Love
Composers: Amber Mark featuring Lonr and Gitty


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Versus Music Official says:

► You can now listen to the Official Trailer Song: Amber Mark feat. Lonr & Gritty – SAVE MY LOVE:

Nolan Mackall says:

So does anyone know the name of this song?

KING Merlin says:

Please can you also look into the soundtrack for the trailer for the series letter for the king thnx in advance. ✌👍💯

Shadow Wilson says:

Just speechless for words!

Israel Garcia jimenez says:

put it in SoundCloud

Anika Snyder says:

I'm glad I found this

Ömer Kamel says:

Amazing you were missed… When it will be in cinema's

Ak Gül says:

Where's she!?

Steven C says:

Anyone find it on Spotify yet?

Freeme EDM Music says:

I'm commander Shepard and this is my favorite Dark Electro Mix on YouTube.

Randy Anderson says:

Wow, I want a clear version of this song.👍🏾🔥🎶🎶

tayxtay editsx says:

okay but this music hits different

Nero Wynn says:

This song is AMAZING

N13 says:

One of the best music ever heard in a trailer

Queenofsheba1000 says:

I thought this was Rihanna

Shince Thomas says:

Song name is 'Save my Love' by Amber Marks Lonr

Andrew Jamieson says:

Song is called ‘save my love’ by Amber Mark and Lonr it was written for the movie and sadly isn’t available officially as of yet. They tweeted me the info on Twitter last night

Epic Club says:

Great song 😍😍 I love your videos ❤️❤️ I love your animations❤️

I pray that anyone who has read this review will and will become a future success with great music 😍😍

Jamie Evans says:

I'll try to record vocal but sh*t a lot of the words is not heard


Love from india

factrzero says:

…"Music is very important to Joy and the film, and she brought Ramin Djawadi on board, who worked with her on Westworld. For the trailer song and credits, she was introduced to singers Amber Mark and Loner [sp?]."

Виктория Бабченко says:

напишите название)))

ACS 977 says:

Always Rises emuahc

T_kyo_ says:

This is better then nothing, thank you!

Isaac Satinger says:

What’s the name of the song???

Hello. says:

Sounds like something from the venom movie, don’t know what but I can’t quite put my finger on it

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