Redlettermedia – The World Is Changing

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I know what to do. Nothing.


wcr4 says:

When has the world not been changing? Law of entropy and all that.

Hard Left Turn says:

“The world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Isengard, and Mordor. To stand against the might of Sauron and Saruman and the union of the two towers. Together my lord Sauron, we shall rule this middle earth.” Saruman in The Two Towers. Everybody be ripping off Lord of the Rings.

TriplePalindromous says:

War has changed.

2K16 says:

My goal this year is to NOT watch any superhero or "Star Wars" movies and try to find films with no CGI, great dialogue, and compelling characters…because the world is changing…

Sörs says:

The world is subverting my expectations

Val D Mar says:


Vagelis Samouil says:

"The world is changing" must be the most progressive shit you could ever say

Lisa Zoria says:

"The world might change. But we're not sure… Watch this shitty movie to find out!"

Ku Ku Klock says:

The world may change, but war? War never changes

BACHUR says:

The world is stagnant…

potaterjim says:

Here's the perfect movie: The world was changing, but now it isn't. It's stopped. And the hero is going to have to make the world change once more

Dio Brando says:

The World… Time is stopping…

Lucas says:

Noticed that too

VintageBalderdash says:

War never changes vs. War has changed

Brent Bradford says:

war…war has changed

Sven Kopperud says:

Yeah, the world is changing. You know whats not changing though? That settlement that needs your help. Here, Ill mark it on your map.

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